How to Stay on Track and Motivated

Let’s be honest—sometimes all this budgeting stuff gets . . . well . . . exhausting. It can be tough to keep that financial drive alive.

Here are nine tips and tricks to keep the motivation going along the way.

1. Surround yourself with people who respect your budget.

If you hang out with senseless spenders, you can be tempted to do the same. Find some friends who won’t pressure you to do stuff outside of your budget.

2. Make budgeting easy with an app.

Okay, not just any app. Our app—EveryDollar. Because you can try to keep up with pencil and paper or spreadsheets, but they aren’t as easy. And let’s face it, an easier budget is one you’re way more likely to stick to.

3. Define your why

Dig deep and be honest about the reasons you want to take control of your money once and for all. That’s your why. And when things get tough or boring, remember your why!

4. Make your goals visual.

Hang up images around the house of visuals that represent your goals. Paying off that car? Put a picture of it on your fridge to remember why you’re cooking at home instead of ordering that delivery pizza.

5. Budget for fun.

Lower the risk of budgeting burnout by budgeting for fun. Now, if you’re saving for an emergency fund or paying off debt, that fun money will be small. But it’s just for a season! You got this.

6. Celebrate wins (big and small).

When you reach a goal—even a small one—celebrate! After you budget three months straight, pay off a debt, or cut extra spending for 30 days, treat yourself to a free or budget-friendly reward.

7. Find better ways to deal with stress than spending.

If you respond to stress by impulse buying things, replace that habit with a better one. A nice relaxing bath, a walk or run outside, playing a card game with the fam, drinking a cup of chamomile tea—these are all great (and inexpensive) ideas.

8.  Prepare for burnout.

Hey, burnout happens to us all! Go ahead and decide now what you’ll do when it comes. Just don’t give up on budgeting. It’s how you’ll make your money goals happen—and that’s worth fighting for!

9. Find an accountability partner.

You don’t have to do this budgeting thing alone! Get yourself an accountability partner to help you stay the course. It’s so important, the whole next section is dedicated to it.

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