Work With Clients Who Value Your Tax Expertise

Referrals. Community. A partner in your success. RamseyTrusted gives you quality referrals, personal growth, and connections with other top-notch tax professionals.

How Ramsey Referrals Are Different

We get it—tax software and tax pros serve different needs. You won’t find us sending easy, run-of-the-mill tax cases your way. Our referrals—over 20% small business owners—are high-intent folks facing complex situations that truly need your expertise.

We guide our fans with simple tax situations to consider self-filing and encourage folks with trickier situations to seek out a pro. This way, you’re more likely to connect with clients you actually want to work with.

The RamseyTrusted real estate program is more than just leads
RamseyTrusted fan that bought a house

Make a Difference With Your Tax Expertise

More deals closed means more people helped. The pros who become RamseyTrusted join an exclusive community of top pros who value people over profits. We’re in the business of lifelong transformation, not just transactions.

The Ramsey Endorsement

Our Legacy

Founded by Dave Ramsey, Ramsey Solutions’ mission is to empower and equip people to win with their money and transform their lives. RamseyTrusted connects our fans with industry professionals who share this mission.

Client Trust

Building trust takes time. We’ll save you 30 years. We’ve spent decades cultivating trust with millions through our radio show, podcasts and various channels. When we endorse a pro, we transfer all that built-up trust to them.

Your Impact

Earning the Ramsey endorsement boosts your credibility and broadens your reach and impact— so you can spend less time spinning your wheels and more time guiding people through tricky tax situations.

Here’s What Comes With Being a RamseyTrusted Pro

RamseyTrusted equips tax pros like you with tools, resources and support to thrive during—and after—tax season.

Ramsey Referrals

Get high-quality referrals—and only pay for the referrals you actually get. Plus, have the flexibility to pause referrals if you need time to catch up.

Mastermind Groups

Connect monthly for accountability, wisdom, and faster momentum toward your goals, because tax season is better when you’re not on an island.

Customer-Support Coaching

Receive guidance from coaches who know Ramsey fans and will advise you on the best ways to earn and keep their business.

Marketing Materials

Access a toolkit of resources to promote your Ramsey affiliation and stand out as a top tax pro.

Resources pros get from the program