Connect With Clients Needing Long-Term Care

Get more than your average insurance leads. RamseyTrusted is the best way to get
quality referrals, grow your business and connect with other long-term care agents.

What makes us different?

For over 30 years, people have relied on Ramsey for help with their biggest financial steps—and when it’s time to plan for the future, we connect them with an agent they can trust to make a plan. Unlike typical lead gen, we partner with long-term care pros, equipping them to serve referrals well.

How RamseyTrusted Gets Referrals

It starts when someone hears about us through The Ramsey Show, one of our bestselling books, or any of our various channels. They fill out a form saying they need help. Then, after verifying their phone number, we connect them with RamseyTrusted pros near them.

The RamseyTrusted real estate program is more than just leads
Resources pros get from the program

Get resources for real wins

We’re talking way more than just leads. RamseyTrusted is here to equip pros to take their business to the next level—providing them with the tools, resources and support they need to thrive.

Ramsey Referrals

Get referrals who are serious about finding the right coverage—not just the lowest price.

Mastermind Groups

Join monthly connects that give you the benefit of accountability, wisdom from the trenches, and faster momentum to hit goals.

Customer-Support Coaching

Receive guidance from coaches who know Ramsey fans and will advise you on the best ways to earn and keep their business.

Marketing Materials

Access a toolkit of resources to promote your Ramsey affiliation and help you stand out in a crowded market.

Real Results from Real Pros

“We can generally have a conversation with Ramsey leads centered around value over price. And through the Mastermind, I was able to learn great tips from the group to connect and close more of those leads.”

Beau P.

Vidalia, LA

“Our revenues are resulting in a profit in year one of joining RamseyTrusted, despite the cost of the leads! We’re VERY happy with the results and excited to keep growing our relationship with Dave and his team.”

Shane V.

Bellingham, WA

“Ramsey leads have been great and caused us to grow quicker. They see the value in coverage because Dave educates them so well. We’ve been able to use the program as an authority and work with people who match our values.”

Greg R.

Jackson, MO