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What Matters Most for Your Business

When Dave started putting together his book EntreLeadership, he asked himself a simple question: What are the fundamental principles that caused my company to win? He came up with six values that turned his business from a "card table operation" in his living room to a national brand that has helped millions. These half-dozen core concepts will work for you too, no matter the size of your company or organization.

People Matter

Whether it's your customers, team, community, vendors or even your competition, every individual around you is uniquely important. They all have hopes and dreams. They all have fears and struggles. They are humans, not units of production. Every single one deserves to be treated with respect, dignity and a caring heart.

Your Team Matters

As an EntreLeader, you should be consumed with the needs of your team. Are you constantly doing what's best for them? Treat your team like family, and they will act like family. You'll be paid back in full with faithfulness, dependability and profits.

Excellence Matters

When it comes to your team, having the right people in the right positions allows you to do your best work. Take plenty of time when filling positions. Pray for God to bring the right people in—and keep the crazy people out!


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At Dave's company, each prospective team member goes through at least four interviews, including one with his or her spouse. They are also required to send a personal budget and take a personality test to make sure their style fits with the job. Dave takes hiring very, very seriously. He and his leaders look at the whole person, family and all. They know they're only one or two bad hires away from a crash, so they don't get in a rush when adding people.

Slow and Steady Matters

We live in a fast-and-furious, microwave-cooking, gotta-have-it-now world. Stop. Slow down. Take a breath. Overnight success is anything but overnight. You're running a marathon, not a sprint. Make long-term plans and short-term course corrections as you go.

Financial Principles Matter

Start managing God's money God's way. That means operating on a budget and avoiding debt. The Bible says, "The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender." Stop being a slave and prosper.

A Higher Calling Matters

If you play for something bigger than yourself, you'll play much harder and smarter. The same holds true for your team. You will be surprised by how hard everyone works when there's a sense of calling. What's your higher calling? Why do you do what you do? Find out and share it with your people. Successful EntreLeaders never focus strictly on the "what." The "why" is equally as important.

By sticking to these simple but powerful core values, you can take your company and your team further than you ever dreamed possible. Everyone will be a winner when you concentrate on what matters most.

For over 25 years, Dave has grown his company to a national winning brand with more than 900 team members who have impacted millions of lives. His company has been named one of the “Best Places to Work in Nashville” eleven times! EntreLeadership is how he’s done it and how you can do it too. Get your copy of the book now!

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