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What is The ROI Of a Company Christmas Party?

Dave's company Christmas party is legendary—and not for the reasons you think!

The annual Christmas office party has taken a hit in the recent economic slowdown. According Amrop Battalia Winston, the number of companies planning to have a Christmas party this year is the lowest it's been in the 30 years the company has conducted the poll.

It's an understandable decision. After all, a company that's had to lay off team members may feel uneasy about having a holiday blow-out for those who are left.

The good news is that your Christmas party doesn't have to be a blow-out. In the early days of Dave's company, the party was in Dave's home, and the Christmas bonus was a ham.

But the point of the party wasn't the bonus, or how much Dave spent on the festivities. It was all about recognizing each team member's contribution to the company throughout the year.

As the company grew, so did the Christmas party. The company plans the budget and the activities all year long. And now it is just one of the things that makes Dave's company one of Nashville's best places to work.

"No way am I missing the Dave Ramsey Christmas party!" said Rebecca, an adviser for the Endorsed Local Provider program. "It's a time to celebrate the year's accomplishments, look forward to next year's endeavors, and just have fun!"

All in the Family

The Christmas party is also an opportunity to include team members' spouses in celebrating the company's success. "In the early days, Dave would call each of us up to the stage and ‘brag' on our production through the year," Ken, with the Church Team, explained. "It meant a lot to have my wife sitting out there while Dave told everyone my impact on our mission."

Jack, from Strategic Alliances, agreed. "I've always been impressed with how the Christmas party affects the spouses of team members," he said. "They get pulled in and treated like family. Winning the enthusiastic support of a spouse is priceless to us as leaders, and it has a noticeable effect on how our team members see the company."

Passing It On

Giving is an important part of the culture at Dave's company, and Christmas is where it really shines. "What Dave may give doesn't matter nearly as much as how he gives," Rebecca said. "Dave gives with such joy, and it makes the experience that much better."

"Leadership really sets a beautiful example of the spirit of giving through so many fun and creative ways," Grace, in Affiliate Relations, said. And that spirit of generosity creates an atmosphere of appreciation, Mike, from Live Events, added. "Dave's commitment to Christmas festivities is his challenge to us to look for ways to take what God has given us and give to others," he said.

The Takeaway

No matter what your budget is, even if you've decided to nix the company Christmas party this year, you can spend some time with your team to recognize the work they've done to keep the company going through a tough year. Make the team your focus, and you can't go wrong.

Next year, add a line item to your budget for your company Christmas party. Consider it an investment in your team that just happens to take place at Christmastime.

In 20 years, Dave has grown his company to a national winning brand with more than 300 team members who have impacted millions of lives. His company has been named one of the “Best Places to Work in Nashville” four years in a row. EntreLeadership is how he’s done it and how you can too. Get your copy of the book now!

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