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Fight the Summer Slowdown: How to Keep Your Momentum Going

Every EntreLeader has it. That fire in their belly to succeed, a passion for their company. But despite all that love, it’s easy to fall into the trap of losing that spark, especially during the lazy, hazy days of summer when everything just seems to move a little slower.

So how do you keep that momentum going in order for your business to continue moving forward? As Dave teaches in EntreLeadership Master Series, there are a number of ways to stay productive during the dog days of summer. Use these tips to get back on track, so life once again can be a day at the beach.

1. Step Away From the Remote

Have you ever been at home with a long list of errands when you hear the siren song of your TV? Your remote is calling, and before you know it, you’re sucked in. You have to see that last episode of Pawn Stars. The same holds true at work. You walk through the door and are faced with hundreds of distractions. Soon, the day is gone, and you feel like you’ve accomplished nothing.

The Solution: Each morning, make a prioritized list of tasks for the day and stick to it. If there’s a fire to put out, throw some water on it. But then get back to the chores at hand quickly. As Dave says, “You will either tell your day what to do, or you will wonder where it went.” To avoid distractions, try:

  • Scheduling email viewing times
  • Setting time limits on meetings
  • Avoiding other distractions

If you feel tempted to look at your email at non-scheduled hours, hand your assistant your phone or turn off your Internet connection. Avoid distractions by putting away your electronic devices, hanging a do-not-disturb sign, or going off-site. Do whatever it takes to keep on track.

2. Get Fired Up

Starting a company, creating a new product, or signing that contract with your dream client is unbelievably exciting. It’s what makes business a lot of fun. But along with those incredible moments comes a lot of everyday hard work and worry that can cause you to lose your passion.

The Solution: The best way to get re-energized is actually to use no energy at all. Taking a vacation revitalizes your brain, allowing creativity and passion to flow. Here’s even a better reason: Taking time off can save your life. Research shows that men who miss annual breaks are 32% more likely to die of heart attacks, while women who take a vacation less than once every six years are eight times more likely to develop coronary heart disease.

3. Learn Something New

There is a scientific evidence that when you are feeling uninspired, picking up a book can help. According to a study by researchers at Harvard and MIT, learning something new and having success fires up the pleasure section of your brain, leading you to even more education and prosperity.

The Solution: Dave is a huge proponent of reading nonfiction leadership/business books as a way to grow his business. He’s not alone. The average millionaire reads a book a month. Leaders are readers. But that’s just one way to gain more knowledge. Find a mentor, network with fellow business leaders, or attend seminars or other business events.

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Take advantage of your summer downtime to refocus, recharge and learn. It’s an awesome way to keep the momentum flowing and get your team fired up for the fall.

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