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EntreLeadership: Empowering and Transforming You and Your Team

Dave Ramsey and his team are here to empower you to reach your business and leadership goals while transforming your organization into a place where people love to work.

Over the past 16 years, Dave's company, The Lampo Group, has grown from a one-man show based in his living room to a thriving small business employing approximately 300 team members. What Dave is most proud of, however, is that his team has earned Lampo the “Best Place to Work in Nashville” award year after year. He’s discovered that the way to long-term success is anything but “business as usual”!

Leaders or Entrepreneurs?

In the early days of the business, Dave worked closely with three men who would become the executive vice presidents of his company. As more team members were added, Dave wanted to make sure the unique, overriding business principles on which Lampo was founded would be passed down to every team member. First, though, he had to figure out what he wanted his organization to look like.


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Originally, Dave wanted a company full of entrepreneurs—men and women who shared the same wild energy, creativity and get-it-done attitude that he and his EVPs had. He soon realized that a building full of hard-charging entrepreneurs would be almost impossible to manage. Like Dave says, “It would be like nailing Jell-O to a tree!”

So, he thought having a lot of leaders would balance out the entrepreneurs. But, as he thought about all the tight-laced, stuffed-suit, corporate zombie “leaders” he’d met at management seminars, he knew that wasn’t the answer, either.

So, Dave took the best parts of both entrepreneurship and leadership and coined the term “EntreLeader”—a strong, ethical, intentional leader who has the energy, motivation, and spice of an entrepreneur. That’s the kind of team he wanted to build.

The EntreLeadership Workshop

EntreLeadership was originally Dave’s way of communicating his business principles to his own team members. As he taught the sessions each week, more and more outside visitors began sitting in. When the guests outnumbered the team members, Dave realized that the world outside his company was hungry for a new way to do business! That’s when the EntreLeadership workshop was born.

Today, through live events attended by business owners, corporate executives and church leaders all over the country, EntreLeadership is changing the way these organizations deal with customers, build their teams, and train their leaders—touching virtually every aspect of their operations from hiring and marketing to basic core values and goal setting. It really is a new way to do business from A to Z.

Forget everything you know about “employees,” “managers,” and “business as usual.” It’s time for you to build an active, passionate team of EntreLeaders!

Learn the Ramsey way of building a successful business through EntreLeadership’s business coachingconferences and tools.

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