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Why Is Spring the Best Time to Sell a House?

Life has some absolutes. The sky is blue. Haters gonna hate (hate, hate, hate). And spring is the best time to sell a house.

We all know spring and homes go together like smartphones and distracted teens. We’ve seen the ads: Spring into a new home! Or, Spring selling season is in bloom!

But have you ever wondered why just about everyone (including real estate agents and National Association of REALTORS® members) says spring is the best time to sell a house . . . and buy one?

Well, it really boils down to supply and demand. Spring is the best time to sell a house because that’s when the most people want to buy a house. That means demand is high in the spring real estate market.

When more buyers are looking for houses, sellers are likely to get more interest, more offers, higher prices and a quicker sale. And those are all great things. There’s nothing worse than having your house sit on the market for six months as weeds start growing up around the For Sale sign in your front yard.

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Reasons Why Spring Is a Popular Time to Sell a House

Spring is a popular time to buy and sell a house for three big reasons:

1. Timing

Lots of buyers want to settle into their new home before the new school year starts. So, they’ll need to buy a house in spring and close in the summer. No one wants their child to be the new kid who shows up to class midway through October!

2. Weather

The weather is pleasant and the days are longer in spring. Homebuyers who have been cooped up all winter watching reruns of House Hunters are ready to get out and look for a home of their own.

3. Prime Market

An abundance of sellers and buyers is good for buyers and sellers. It’s a win-win. When more homes are for sale, buyers have more choices. And more buyers give sellers the potential for multiple offers and higher prices.  

When Is the Best Time to Sell Your House?

Keep in mind, no one can predict real estate trends with 100% accuracy. Homes do sell all year long, so don’t let the season determine your home-selling decision. Only your financial situation can truly determine the right time for you to sell your house.

That said, let’s take a look at all four home-selling seasons in order of popularity:


Do we need to say it again? Yes, spring is king. You’ll have more buyers in spring and probably sell your house for more.


The busy spring selling season often carries over into summer as people scramble to buy a home before the start of the school year. After a home sells, it usually takes 30 days to close, so homes sold in June or July can close in time for school.


School is back in session, and people are busy and might not have time to look for a home. If you list your home in the fall, you run the risk of it sitting unsold for a few months. With less demand, you’ll need to make sure your house is in tip-top shape to attract buyers.


Winter is usually the slowest time to sell a house because of the cold weather and the busy holiday season. Looking for a new home isn’t on most Christmas to-do lists.

What Is the Best Month to Sell a House?

The goal when you’re selling your house is to maximize your profit. So to figure out the best month to sell your home, we looked at what month home prices rise the most.

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For 2023, the median home sales price grew each month from February to June. But they went up the most from May to June—from $396,400 to $410,000. After June, prices flattened and even decreased some.1

Keep in mind that homes that sold in June probably went on the market in April or May—so that confirms that those two months are the best time to list a home. Now, we’re just looking at 2023 numbers, but as a general rule, home prices increase the most in April, May and June—because that’s when demand and competition for homes is the highest.

When Is the Best Time to Sell My House in My State?

Spring is the best time to sell your home just about anywhere in the country. Prices tend to go up in spring and early summer and flatten or decrease a little the rest of the year. But here’s a look at some 2023 state listing price data to get an idea of how things might look in your neck of the woods.


Month with biggest jump in listing price

Percent increase from previous month










New York









Tips to Sell Your House in the Spring

Are you planning to sell your home? If so, here’s a little secret: You don’t have to wait until spring is in the air to get your home ready for prime time. You can gain an edge on the competition with these steps.

As Soon as Possible

Interview real estate agents. Finding the right real estate agent  isn’t a one-and-done process. That’s why the sooner you start, the better. Don’t waste your time on someone who only sells a handful of homes a year. You need a pro who inspires you with confidence and has a proven track record for getting top dollar for homes.

Make a plan. Once you have a partner, you need a plan. Before you roll up your sleeves and get your house ready to sell, make a list of all your to-dos. This lets you break the process down into bite-sized chunks so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Work with your agent to set priorities, then focus on knocking out one task at a time.

Start packing. This is where the going gets tough. It’s time to part with your stuff—but only for a little while. Take a look around and decide what you can live without until your home sells. Rent a storage unit if you have to. Just pack up the clutter and get it out so you can make room for buyers. Here’s an added bonus: The rest of the work will be much easier with less stuff clogging your corners!

2–3 Months Before Listing

Uncover issues. Want to beat buyers to the punch list? Get a pre-sale home inspection. Of course, your buyer’s home inspector will still find things that need to be done. But being proactive enables you to identify potential deal breakers so you can adjust your timeline and budget accordingly.

Tackle repairs. With your home inspection report in hand, work with your real estate agent to prioritize the findings. It’s always less expensive to repair or replace something up front than to wait for the buyer to ask for it. This is especially true for major fixes like a new roof or HVAC unit. Buyers tend to ask for much more than the actual cost of the repair. They might ask $12,000 for a roof that would cost you $4,500.

1 Month Before Listing

Spruce it up. First impressions count a lot! Breathe new life into your home with a fresh coat of paint and pay close attention to curb appeal. Ask your real estate agent to refer a reputable home stager to help you incorporate today’s trends.

1–2 Weeks Before Listing

Deep clean. Save this step until it’s almost time to plant the For Sale sign in your yard. You don’t want a month of muddy paw prints traipsing through your home after spending your hard-earned cash to clean the carpets. Once every surface sparkles, give each family member a special job—maybe even run drills—to ensure your home stays that way. Got pets? Keep fur balls and stinky smells at bay by sending Rover to Grandma’s house for an extended stay until you sell your home.

Ready, Set, Go!

Don’t wait until the ground thaws to knock out your to-dos. Get a head start on the competition so you can be buyers’ first breath of fresh air when spring comes around.

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