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4 Secrets for Staying Focused

In today’s hyper-frantic world of instant news and smartphones and a million other interruptions, how often do you get distracted? According to a study by, a social email software company, it may be a lot more than you think. More than half of those surveyed in businesses of all sizes across the U.S. said the longest time they can usually work without being distracted is 15 minutes, and they waste up to 60 minutes per day because of these interruptions.

So how do keep your eyes on the ball? Here are four tips that Dave teaches in EntreLeadership that will help you stay focused.

1. Set Daily Goals

Write down your goals for each day and prioritize them. Keep the list close at hand, so if you feel yourself heading toward the land of YouTube, you can grab that list to remind yourself what has to be accomplished before you walk out the door.

2. Limit Meetings

We’ve all been to them—those meetings that seem to last forever and never accomplish a thing. But these get-togethers don’t have to be so long. Save time by setting a time limit, insisting on an agenda, and sticking to it. If you run past the clock, simply stand up. If no one gets it, head out the door. Rude? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely.

3. Live by the Calendar

Meetings are not the only tasks that can be booked on your calendar. Schedule "office time" for yourself and protect it just as you would an important meeting with an executive. It’s a great way to keep your concentration and momentum going without being interrupted.

4. Step Away From the Smartphone

Whether it’s the romance of that ping when you get an email, the excitement of instant baseball scores, or the thrill of constant Twitter updates, nothing—and we mean nothing—has more power to distract than your smartphone. So while you’re at work, turn it off, put it in a drawer, or throw it in the ditch. Do whatever it takes to stay away from the phone.

Zig Ziglar once said, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it ever time.” And it’s true. So keep your eyes on the prize and remain super focused, and you’ll end up a winner every time.

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