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10 Tips to Maintain Focus

To win in business takes more than great ideas and ingenuity. You need laser-like focus, with your eye always on the prize. But in today’s world of unceasing interruptions and more distracting devices than you can shake an iPhone at, how do you keep intense concentration on the tasks at hand? To find out, we asked our EntreLeadership Master Series alumni, plus our Twitter followers, to share how they keep on track. Some of their best answers are below.

  • I try to do most of my computer work before or after the busiest part of the workday. If I have a meeting in my office, I physically turn my back away from my computer to talk. It forces me to focus on the PERSON, not an electronic object. —Tom S.
  • I pray for focus ... and sometimes I have to go to a different place, so I can focus on only one thing at a time. —@pjmac01
  • As an author and speaker, social media is a huge part of my business, but I still limit it. I have specific times during the day that I check in. I also set a timer nearby. When I'm writing or preparing for a talk, I let no interruptions occur. I'm in control of my time and activities based on the priorities I set for myself and my business. —Deanna R.
  • Gratitude. Stopping to count your blessings can turn a lazy, ungrateful attitude around. —@ErikDillehay
  • Cell phones, tablets and laptops are not allowed in our meetings. I also turn off all of my email notifications, so I do not get any flashing screens, sounds of new email or that irritating icon in the corner showing new mail. —Aaron W.
  • I stay focused the old-fashioned way. I keep a list of things to do and prioritize it every day. —@SteveDAddison
  • When it comes to staying focused on certain tasks, I do my best to only have the things in front of me that I need. If I'm using a computer, it means closing websites or applications that might be distracting. This one was really tough at first because I use Twitter a lot for work. I found a program that actually blocks specific websites for you for a set period of time, so I can set the program to “block Twitter for the next two hours" if needed. —Erik R.
  • A good night’s sleep. —@budsnblades
  • I do as much as possible between small breaks until a task is finished. All tasks are prioritized with meetings. —@kbrigance
  • I never forget the big picture. It keeps my priorities crystal clear and stops me from wavering on my core values. —@toddweiden

Instead of coming home each evening exhausted and wondering where the day went, you’ll soon be feeling that you’ve accomplished more than you could have ever imagined. That’s the power of focus. It can literally transform your business and rock your world.   

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