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Mint Is Closing: What Happened and How to Find a New Budgeting App

The world of budgeting and personal finance is all abuzz with the news: Mint is shutting down this year.

If you’re currently a budgeter with Mint, we know you’ve got lots of questions. Many of them probably start with, what the heck? (or something stronger). Let’s answer at least two of those: What happened and what should you do about it?

What’s Happening to Mint?

The Mint budgeting app started up in 2006 and was bought out by the Intuit family of products in 2009. That means they’re related to TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mailchimp and Credit Karma.

Mint recently announced: “Reimagining Mint as part of Intuit Credit Karma will expand our capabilities,” which is them trying to put a positive spin on the fact that they’re shutting down their budgeting app capabilities—and Mint budgeters won’t be able to access their budgeting accounts or continue budgeting starting on March 23, 2024.1

What Is Mint Offering Current Mint Budgeters?

At this time, Mint is encouraging all their budgeters to move their accounts over to Credit Karma—one of those companies we listed above that’s part of the Intuit crew. They say you’ll be able to continue seeing your financial accounts in one place along with your transactions, plus some other benefits. And you won’t lose all the data you’ve been storing in your Mint account over the years.2

But (and this is a huge but)—Credit Karma will not offer actual budgeting.

Also, this Intuit family has a history of using customer data to generate leads and push debt products. (Looking at you, TurboTax.)

Frustrated is a mild word for what you’re feeling right now.

What Budgeting App Should You Use Now?

Mint users, the doors are closing on your budget in March. So, what do you do?

First of all—don’t wait for the doors to close. Then you’ll be scrambling when you should be hustling.

Get yourself a new budgeting app. Today. Start budgeting these last months of the year in that new app so you can enjoy your holidays and start your new year off right.

But what budgeting app should you use? EveryDollar. And here’s why.

EveryDollar is the best free budgeting app on the market—with premium features that help users budget their absolute best. It was created by Ramsey Solutions, who’s been helping people make their money goals a reality—with a budget—for over 30 years.

Customer-focused, EveryDollar is constantly improving the budgeting experience (with more than 30 updates already this year) on top of its already awesome features, including:

  • Customization so you can add or delete whatever budget lines you need month to month.
  • Unlimited budget categories and lines so you can get as detailed as you want.
  • Secure bank connectivity so your transactions stream into your budget.
  • Paycheck planning so you can set up your budget based on when expenses are due and when you get paid. (Which is great for irregular income!)
  • Goal setting for the big, small and everything in between—plus the ability to see a timeline of when you’ll hit big-picture goals.
  • Customer support with actual, live human beings.
  • Live Q&As with trained financial coaches.

While we’ll improve the app to better help you save money, get out of debt, and build lasting wealth, here’s what won’t change: We’ll never sell your data or shove credit card ads down your throat. 

And, from the words of our own CEO, Dave Ramsey: “At Ramsey Solutions, we’ve been helping millions of people budget for over 30 years—and we have the best budgeting app out there. Budgeting is in the DNA of this place. This is my life work. We aren’t for sale, and we aren’t going anywhere.”

We aren’t going anywhere.


Start budgeting with EveryDollar today!

And we want to help you. Listen, it seriously sucks that you and four million other budgeters will be hung out to dry come March. But don’t quit budgeting because your budgeting app quit you.

Right now we’re offering two free months of the premium version of EveryDollar so you can start with our best features right way. Don’t move your account to Credit Karma—they literally don’t have what you’re looking for. And don’t wait until the clock strikes midnight on this year.

Get this deal.

“At Ramsey Solutions, we’ve been helping millions of people budget for over 30 years—and we have the best budgeting app out there. Budgeting is in the DNA of this place. This is my life work. We aren’t for sale, and we aren’t going anywhere.”

— Dave Ramsey

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