Trauma 101 with Dr. John Delony

What Trauma Is and How to Heal From It

Over the past few decades, we’ve come to a deeper understanding of what trauma is and how it impacts our mental, physical and relational health. And these days, it feels like everyone is talking about trauma—teachers, pastors, mental health professionals, the media, even our parents—and I’m grateful we’re waking up to the role trauma plays in our lives. But what is trauma, really?

Trauma isn’t just another trendy buzzword. Trauma is a great disruptor. Trauma can impact our bodies and relationships for years. And it keeps us running, fighting, or shutting down instead of living whole, joyful lives. Technically, trauma is acute, cumulative, secondary or complex—but we’ll dive into that more later. 

In this 101-level guide, you'll learn the basics of what trauma is and how people can begin to heal from it, and you’ll get access to the resources you need to kick-start the process. Here’s what’s coming:

Table of Contents

What Is Trauma?

When we think of trauma, we often think of a single big event, like childhood abuse or a tragic car wreck. But trauma is different than you think.

Types of Trauma

There’s not just one type of trauma we can experience. Here are the main types of trauma you should know about.

Trauma Symptoms

Because your body and brain work so closely together, trauma can trigger a range of physical and psychological symptoms. Here are some of the most common symptoms of trauma.

Trauma Responses

Everyone responds to threats in their own unique way. But why do these trauma responses happen? Let me break it down for you.

Trauma Disorders

Sometimes trauma responses turn into disorders that disrupt the normal functioning of the brain and body. Here are a couple of the most common types of trauma disorders.

How to Heal From Trauma

Healing from trauma is hard, and it can be a long road. But you’re worth it. Here’s how to start healing from trauma.

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About Dr. John

Dr. John Delony is a mental health expert with two PhDs in counselor education and supervision, and higher education administration from Texas Tech University. Before joining Ramsey Solutions in 2020, John worked as a senior leader, professor and researcher at multiple universities. He also spent two decades in crisis response, walking with people through severe trauma. 

Now as a Ramsey Personality, he teaches on relationships, mental health and wellness. 

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