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Having a will helps you love your family well. But what’s the best way to get one? For some folks, it’s necessary to fork up the big bucks for a lawyer. But for most of us, making a legal will can happen from the comfort of home.  

If an online will’s the right fit—we recommend a state-specific wills package from Mama Bear Legal Forms—the only provider we trust to have your back. 

Complete Last Will & Testament Package for Married Couples


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Last Will & Testament
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Finance Powers of Attorney

Who's getting a will today?

Still have questions? Learn more about how to make and notarize your will.

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When it comes to a will, these are the important things to cover:

Marital status: If you’re married, you can name your spouse as a beneficiary or create a mirror will for them.

Number of children: If you have kids under 18, you need a will so you can name legal guardians.

Existing will: If you have a will, you might need to update it based on big life events like moving states, having a baby, or changing your marital status. (And if you create your will online, it’s easy to update.)

Estate size: If you have a complex situation, like you’re worth a million bucks (not just lookin’ like a million bucks), you might need to meet with an estate attorney in person.

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