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Seeking God First in Your Business





I love Stephanie Meek’s story of trusting God’s leading in her business, Five Daughters Bakery, and how she has created work that her family can do together! Check out this video where she shares her story—or read the transcript below!


We started Five Daughters Bakery solely on the idea of being together. My husband and I really love working together. We enjoy being around each other. We love being with our family. We have five daughters who are growing and time is fleeting. We wanted to spend more time together as a family.

We were in a season of life where we knew we were on the brink of breakthrough and change. We knew we needed to do something different and countercultural to the nine-to-five job.

When we got started, we absolutely felt fearful and definitely unqualified. Neither my husband nor I had experience in the restaurant industry. We were just baking in our kitchen and praying over little donuts in a tiny fryer.

Honest Coffee Roasters took us on and we built momentum with them. We sold out every day and people in the community started to get word of our business. We were really excited and began to ask other people if they wanted our donuts. But we got a lot of closed doors in our faces.

So, it was like, “Well, God, we thought we were stepping out. We thought we had this momentum. We thought we were moving.”

Those setbacks made us question and doubt if we did the right thing. Is this what we were supposed to do?

With those challenges we learned that, for our story and journey, we were supposed to stop and wait for open doors. We weren’t to push things open. We were to rest, hear His voice, look for green lights, and move upon that step by step.

When things get hard, I’m motivated to keep going when I look at the faces of the people who have poured their hearts and souls into our bakery. I’m motivated to not give up when I look at my children. I need to show them what it looks like to be an overcomer—to persevere and keep going.

It’s been a blessing for our family to integrate and work together. We get to build a team together. We get to envision what it’s going to look like moving forward. We get to be wild because it’s our life. We get to write that story with God.

When our kids see us walking out our dreams, it’s really empowering to me as a mom for them to see us being leaders in the community—for them to see us wearing different hats, solving conflicts, relating with other people. That’s important to us because it’s building trust and sewing truth into their hearts about chasing their dreams.

I want to speak to the moms out there. Running a business is a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding. What you care about and dream about and desire is important. So don’t give up. You’re important to this world.


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