Frequently Asked Questions

It's pretty simple! Health cost sharing is where members help pay each other's medical bills.

Founded in 1981, Christian Healthcare Ministries is the original health cost-sharing ministry for Christians. Members of CHM work together to share the burden of medical expenses. And the result? They’ve shared billions of dollars in medical bills while keeping participation costs low.

At CHM, members take charge of their own healthcare. It means low administrative costs, more flexibility and less money out of your pocket. If you become a member, these are the steps you’ll take if you need medical treatment:

  1. Show your CHM card at the healthcare facility.
  2. Ask for self-pay discounts. (And remember—CHM Member Advocates can help!)
  3. Ask your provider to bill you directly (with itemized bills).
  4. Submit your bills to CHM.
  5. CHM staff will review the bills and send you a check for eligible charges.
  6. Pay your providers (or reimburse yourself) with the money from the check.

CHM is not a health insurance company. It’s a membership-based, nonprofit ministry where hundreds of thousands of Christians share funds to pay each other’s medical bills. There are no contracts, insurance agents or enrollment periods.

Doctors who accept self-pay patients (aka patients who pay with cash) will accept CHM members. In fact, CHM has worked with more than 100,000 healthcare providers nationwide.

As long as treatments are eligible for sharing within CHM Guidelines—you have the flexibility to pick your own provider. But you’re expected to choose doctors who offer self-pay discounts, fair prices and reliable service. 

For more info about health cost sharing, check out our Resources Page or visit CHM's FAQ page