About Christian Healthcare Ministries

CHM is about more than just financial support. Members and staff pray with you and serve you—as Christians supporting Christians. CHM members have helped encourage believers and share eligible medical bills since 1981.

When you get a monthly billing statement, you’ll also get a prayer request from another member (or family). You can pray for them or send cards of encouragement through CHM's spiritual support program, Prayers Unceasing.

Christian Healthcare Ministries is the nation’s first health cost-sharing ministry and they’re still sharing medical bills over 40 years later. Plus, they’re an eligible option under the healthcare law (so yep—they’re legal).

What Are the Perks of CHM?


Earn Bring-a-Friend credits for each membership you refer. You could earn an entire year of free membership!

Group Health Programs

CHM is an ACA-qualified group health cost solution for nonprofits.

Use It Anywhere

It works in any U.S. state and for traveling or serving internationally. 

Prescription Savings

CHM resources help you find the best deals and discounts.

CHM Give

CHM provides extra sharing for people with maintained preexisting conditions.


Many members (65 and older) use CHM as a complement to Medicare.

Generous Maternity Program

Gold members can share 100% of eligible medical bills.

Preexisting Conditions

No one is dropped or denied because of medical conditions.

Same as Using Self Pay

Bill discounts often reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses.

Same Costs for Everyone

Costs aren’t changed based on medical conditions or history.

No Extra Fees

No application fee or annual membership fees are required.

Choose Your Doctors

With CHM, you’re not stuck to a network of physicians.

Telemedicine 24/7 

Access quality doctors from anywhere, at any time—at no additional cost. 

Heartfelt Radio and Magazine

Helpful resources and inspiring stories are available for free year-round.

Legal Option

CHM is a federally certified exemption to the national healthcare law.

Better Business Bureau

CHM is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity.