Curriculum Impact Survey

Help us ensure more students across the country get access to Foundations in Personal Finance.


Impact Study

Help us ensure more students across the country get access to Foundations in Personal Finance.

Life-Changing Education

Here at Ramsey Education, we care deeply about providing personal finance curricula to you and your students so they can learn how money really works. That’s why we need your help. We want to gain feedback about the impact of Foundations in Personal Finance, and with your participation, you can help us make sure even more students have the opportunity to learn from this life-changing curriculum. 

About the Study

In the fall of 2019, we kicked off a new research project that will help us demonstrate what we already know—that this curriculum works, empowers students, and equips them to make smart financial choices for their future.

That means we need feedback from your students! So, we’re asking you to have your students complete two surveys: one pre-course survey before they start using the curriculum and one post-course survey after they have completed it.

How It Works

We’ll send you two survey links and codes via email to pass along to your students. You will receive two emails from Ramsey Education: one at the beginning of the semester and one at the end. The links can be accessed on a computer or a mobile device. All data is confidential and for research purposes only. Students will never receive any promotional or marketing messages.
While participation is optional and is not a part of the curriculum or existing pre/post-tests, we have large goals for this study and would love 100% participation in order to reach as many students as possible.
Thanks so much for your participation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Surveys can be completed by any student who is taking a class using the Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum. Students should take the pre-course survey prior to using the curriculum and the post-course survey after they have completed it.

No. The personal information collected on the surveys will not be used in the future for marketing purposes.

The surveys are short and should only take your students 5–7 minutes to complete.

No. Your students will still need to complete the pre-test in the curriculum when they start the course. This pre-course survey is an additional task.

Your students will be able to opt in to future research studies conducted by Ramsey Education. Specifically, as part of the longitudinal phase of this study, we’d like to follow up with them in the future to see what personal finance principles they’ve retained since taking the course.

You'll receive the survey and code in an email from Ramsey Education soon. When you do, we need you to simply share them with your students and encourage participation. Please have your students complete the survey after you've completed teaching the class using the Foundations curriculum. Be sure to give your students the survey code provided in the email—they will need it for the survey!