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Can You Be a Leader?

When you think of leaders in your community, who comes to mind? Public officials? Your pastor? Your boss?

What about . . . you? Yes, you. Maybe you already see yourself as a leader. But if you don’t, consider this: You have the potential to be one. Leaders aren’t just the people making the rules, signing on the dotted line, or speaking in front of crowds.

Leaders encourage and inspire individuals through small gestures, thoughtful actions, kind words, and time spent. They motivate others to take action themselves. If you want to be a leader but aren’t sure where to start, check out these five easy tips. Then watch your influence grow!

How to Be a Leader

1. Give someone a handwritten note.

In today’s culture of text messages and emails, there’s something extra special about a handwritten note—especially one that’s unexpected. If you know someone who needs a little cheering up or just a reminder that they’re awesome, let them know! Small, thoughtful gestures like this can help spread joy in the lives of those around you. People who take this type of time for others gain influence and respect.

2. Bless those whose job is to serve others.

Think about the public servants, medical professionals and educators in your area. Many people in those types of fields don’t often get the appreciation they deserve. Let them know their work matters! Bring something thoughtful to the nurses’ station at your local hospital, the teachers’ lounge at the neighborhood school, or the police or fire station. Taking the time to remind someone of their value goes a long way!

3. Let your voice be heard.

You have the power to influence the decision-makers in your community. When an issue arises that’s important to you, write respectful letters to politicians that kindly express your views. Or attend town hall meetings and tell your city council why you care. Get to know those people and make your opinions known!

4. Volunteer your time.

Find opportunities to be a true servant-leader by putting others first. Is there a ministry or nonprofit that has a mission you identify with? Find one you really believe in and give it your all. Invest your time, energy and resources into it, and you’ll have the power to make a real difference! (That’s opposed to getting only a little involved with many different causes, which can lessen the power of your influence.)

5. Look at the example set by other leaders.

Every leader needs someone to watch and emulate. Look for people of integrity and strong character who you can learn from. Engage with people who have gone through the trenches and can share their experiences. Ask what worked for them and what didn’t, and listen to their stories of success and struggle. Dave shares over 20 years of practical business wisdom in his book EntreLeadership. It’s his playbook on how to lead with courage while providing tools every leader can implement.  


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