How to Decrease Your Expenses

Okay, so you got the income up, and now it’s time to get the expenses down. Go through every single budget line and get ruthless. Don’t know where to start? Here are some ways to spend less so you can put more money where you need it—fighting inflation and covering your necessities.

  • Cut the cable or limit yourself to just one tv streaming service.
  • Don’t buy clothing (unless it’s an actual need). And when you do buy, go thrifting!
  • Drop the premium music subscription and embrace the ads. You’ll still get your music, but you won’t be paying for it!
  • Stop eating out. Remember, you’re meal planning now, so you’ve got food at home!
  • Cut out coffee runs. (Notice we didn’t say cut out coffee.) Be your own barista.

Okay, some of those might feel super limiting and horribly strict. But say these words to yourself: This. Isn’t. Forever. Right now, you’ve got to make some financial changes so you don’t fall into debt trying to keep your lifestyle the exact same during a time of inflation.

Pick as many expenses to cut (for now) as your budget needs. And remember this as you do: This. Isn’t. Forever.

Let’s look at an example budget. The couple below decided to decrease the amount they spend so they could free up more money in their budget:

They didn’t even give up all the good things in life, but they did cut way back—and it’s like they got a $400 raise just by making some changes to their spending.

It’s your turn. Take out the budget, take a deep breath, and do this!

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