How to Increase Your Income

Let’s start getting more money and margin in the budget. First things first, increase your income. Here are nine practical ways you can do just that:

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1. Get a side hustle.


Find an extra gig you can work into your free time like driving for a ride-share service, delivering food, or teaching a skill.

2. Ask for a raise.

Make sure you read the room on this one—only ask for a raise if you’re truly due a pay bump!

3. Work overtime.

Putting in extra hours at your job gets the work done, makes your boss happy, and grows your bank account! That’s winning. Times three.

4. Find a better-paying job.

Don’t jump ship for no reason, and remember the grass is greener where you water it. (Too many metaphors?)

We’re just trying to say you shouldn’t quit your job for no reason. But if you’re working like crazy, and you know you can make more elsewhere, consider getting a better-paying job to boost your income.

5. Sell stuff.

You know you’ve got things you don’t use anymore. Sell. Those. Things. Turn that clutter into cash.

6. Freelance.

Here’s a great way to increase your income: Make extra money doing what you’re already good at. We’re talking about nabbing some freelance gigs. It’s a great way to use your skills to pay the bills. Literally.

7. Check your tax withholdings.

If you usually get a huge refund, tweak your tax withholdings. Yeah, you won’t get one giant check in the spring, but you’ll have more of your money every month. That way you get to use it instead of loaning it to the government.

8. Pay off your debt.

When you’ve got debt, you’re using part of this month’s income to pay for the past. That’s no way to get ahead. Pay off the debt. All of it. And start living in the present—and saving for the future!

9. Budget.

You’ve got extra income. That. Is. Awesome. Now stick it in the budget! Be intentional with it, or you’ll end up spending it impulsively or accidentally. All that hard work for nothing? No thank you.

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