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30 Gifts for Mom on a Budget

I love giving gifts—especially to my mom. Whether it’s Christmas, Mother’s Day or her birthday, I love seeing the joy a gift brings her!

If you’re looking for cute Mother’s Day or birthday gift ideas for your mom (or a mother figure in your life) look no further. I’ve done some online window shopping for you, so you don’t even have to go to the stores.

Let’s check out some budget-friendly gift ideas for Mom that are picked out especially for her interests and lifestyle. I’ve broken them down into six categories.

We’ll look at gifts for moms who love…

Gifts for Moms Who Love Beauty

Moms are beautiful inside and out. That’s a fact. But if your mom loves to spend time pampering herself and creating a home spa, help her set the mood with these beauty and wellness gifts.

Home Spa Gift Box

For the mom who loves surprises, try a bath and beauty box from Etsy. With real flowers, these salts and soaps will add a pretty pop to any bath.

$44 on Etsy


home spa box


This is great for an at-home spa day. Pick Mom’s favorite color so she can start relaxing in this perfectly plush robe.

$17.99–30.99 on Amazon




This eight-pack of headbands is sure to help keep Mom’s hair out of the way during a home spa session. Plus, they’re super cute and can double as a workout accessory!

$14.99 on Amazon



Salt Scrub Gift Set

Ah, there’s nothing like a good salt scrub to feel shiny and new after a long day. Try this variety pack with lovely scents as a cute Mother’s Day gift.

$24.95 on Amazon


salt scrub

Honest Beauty Face Mask

This 3-in-1 detox mud mask would make a fantastic addition to any mom’s home facial kit. Help her feel refreshed and ready for the day. Bonus: A face mask is something you can do together!

$19.99 on Amazon


honest beauty face mask

Gifts for Moms Who Love Being Sporty

Whether she runs, hikes, prefers Pilates or loves to lift weights, these gifts for a sporty mom will be sure to brighten her next workout session. And even though I’m not a sporty mom, I have plenty of fit mom friends who would love any of these gifts!

Foam Roller

Help Mom recover from her exercise sessions with a cute pressure point foam roller. (She doesn’t have to be a superstar athlete to enjoy the benefits of a good stretch session!)

$19.99 on Amazon


foam roller

Yoga Mat Rack

Sporty moms probably have a few pieces of gym equipment stuffed in a closet somewhere. Gifting this yoga mat rack could give them a creative workout gear storage solution. It’s pretty and practical.

$19.99 on Amazon


yoga mat rack

Weekly and Daily Wellness Planner

Christmas and birthdays are great times to focus on health goals for the year ahead. Help Mom get on track with her goals with this super cute workout and wellness planner.

$24.99 on Amazon


wellness planner

Fitness Fanny Pack

If your mom loves running or hiking, why not give her a fanny pack to hold her phone, keys and ID while she runs? This fanny pack is slim enough to hold the essentials, it’s water resistant, and it comes in multiple colors so you can pick the one your mom will love best.

$14.99 on Amazon


fanny pack


Personalize a ClassPass gift card so your mom can enjoy a variety of fitness classes. Yoga? Zumba? Pilates? It’s the gift for Mom that keeps on giving. (Just make sure fitness studios in your city take ClassPass.)

Gift Card

Gifts for Moms Who Love Cooking

There’s nothing like home cooking. And whether your mom is a top chef or recipe rookie, check out these affordable and unique kitchen gifts.

Sur La Table Online Cooking Class

With these online classes, Mom can learn to make a variety of cultural and classical cuisines from expert chefs—right in her own kitchen! Starting at $29, she can choose from a variety of classes, including global dishes, desserts and more.


Start budgeting with EveryDollar today!

$29 on Sur La Table

iPad Wall Mount

An iPad wall mount in the kitchen? Yes! A big magnet will stick the iPad to the refrigerator so your mom can watch cooking shows and tutorials right there in her workspace. It’s a great gift for moms who enjoy cooking.

$39.99 on Amazon


Platters and Boards Cookbook

This is one of the cutest cookbooks I’ve ever seen. This is a great gift idea for Mom because it has a creative collection of charcuterie board ingredients and instructions. A s’mores board? Check. Cheese spread? Double check.

$24.95 on Amazon


platters and boards cookbook

Charcuterie Knife Set

Okay, how pretty is this charcuterie knife set as a Mother’s Day gift? Help Mom prepare a lovely cheese platter for a holiday party or Friday night with friends with these marble cheese knives.

$24.95 on Amazon


knife set

Engraved Cutting Board

Talk about a unique birthday present or Mother’s Day gift—an engraved cutting board. It can be used as decoration or a functional piece to cut up veggies and fruit.

$26.99 on Amazon cutting board


Gifts for Moms Who Love Traveling

Whether she’s busy catching flights or driving to a new town, moms with the travel bug will appreciate these gifts on a budget.

Personalized Luggage Tag

For someone who loves to travel in style, this personalized leather luggage tag makes a perfect travel gift for Mom. (And it comes in so many colors!)

$19 on Etsy


luggage tags

Rachel Cruze Wallet

For the touristy mom, why not gift her a wallet that helps her stay on budget during her travel adventures?

$68 from Ramsey Solutions

Rachel cruze wallet


Travel Blanket

A travel blanket is a great Mother’s Day present or birthday gift. Mom can use it to keep warm on a chilly airplane or as a pillow during a road trip.

$30 on Amazon


travel blanket

Portable Jewelry Case

If your mom loves to stay stylish while traveling, a portable jewelry case will keep her accessories safe and organized during her adventures. This would make a great Christmas present for Mom!

$8.99 on Amazon


jewelry case

Gifts for Moms Who Love Relaxing

Does your mom enjoy getting cozy and curling up at home? Here are a few budget gift ideas for the mom who loves to relax.

Microwavable Slippers

Y’all, house slippers have come a long way. You can put these fuzzy slippers in the microwave to warm them up and keep toes cozy. They’d be the perfect Christmas gift for mom!

$21.08 on Amazon


Tea Set

Great for the mom who loves to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book. With five different flavors to choose from, she can pick any brew that fits her mood.

$21.99 on Amazon


tea set

Personalized Candle

You guys, I love this creative candle. You simply pick out your favorite photo, upload it to the website, and select your scent. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift for Mom.

Starting at $36 on Yankee Candle

The Contentment Journal

In The Contentment Journal, I help people adjust their whole outlook on life so they can avoid comparisons and experience lasting contentment. I might be biased (wink wink)—but I think Mom will love it. Check it out!

$15.99 from Ramsey Solutions

Rachel Cruze's Contentment Journal


Gifts for Moms Who Love Quality Time

If you’re on a tight budget, never fear. One of the best gifts you can give Mom without spending a dime is quality time. If you’re on a tight budget or simply want more time with your mom, here are some great ideas for quality time.

Go for a Photo-Op Walk

Make new memories with your mom by going on a photo-op walk around your city together. What’s a photo-op walk? You act like a tourist in your own city and visit special landmarks or new sites and take pictures together. All you need is a sense of adventure and your phone or camera to snap cute photos.

Go on a Coffee Date

Quality time is the greatest gift there is. Why not spend some time with Mom over a cup of coffee? If you’re looking for a few ways to save money, check out these Starbucks hacks. And for extra fun, get the conversation started with Questions for Humans decks.

questions for humans card game

Grow Closer by Gardening

If your mom loves getting outside to garden, join her with a few packets of seeds for her favorite flowers or vegetables. (We have a vegetable garden in our backyard, and it’s so special when my kids help me pull weeds and plant new flowers and veggies each season!)

Look Through Old Photo Albums Together

You don’t have to leave home to spend quality time with your mom. Why not flip through old photo albums and talk about your favorite memories together? Put on a happy playlist and enjoy those snapshots from over the years!

Give Gifts on a Budget

Giving feels amazing. Seriously, there’s nothing like seeing the smile on someone’s face when you give them a gift—especially your mom. But you don’t have to bust your budget when it comes to buying the best gifts for Mother’s Day, Christmas or birthdays. Celebrate your mom and stick to your budget when you use EveryDollar. It’s the budgeting app that puts you in control of your finances—including spending on gifts!

*All products and prices were last sourced on May 2, 2023, and are subject to change.

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