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21 Housewarming Gifts They’ll Love for Under $25

A tradition I think is so sweet (and maybe you’ve experienced it yourself) is giving or receiving a housewarming gift! Now there’s no hard-and-fast rule that you’re obligated to give someone a gift when they move into a new place. And I’d certainly never tell you to spend a ton of money on one. But a small, thoughtful gift is a really fun way to help your friend, family member or neighbor celebrate their new home.

Curious about what to give? Keep reading for 21 of the best housewarming gifts under $25.

21 Housewarming Gifts Under $25

As you’re scrolling through these ideas for housewarming gifts, keep the person you’re buying for in mind. Do they love to spend time in the kitchen? Are they a crafty DIY person? Do they like being cozy? Think of some characteristics that best describe your friend or family member, or the feeling of their old home, to help you decide on a gift that would be great in their new space. Some gifts are a go-to and will suit almost anyone’s home, like spices for cooking, tea or coffee, as well as practical gifts like kitchen accessories or candles. (I mean, who doesn’t love a new candle?) But for something a little more unique, take a look at this list of housewarming gifts under $25.

1. Customizable Doormat

$25 on Amazon

“Welcome” is out, and personalized is in! Create a one-of-a-kind entry message for your friend’s new home with this customizable doormat.

2. Himalayan Salt Lamp

$19 on Amazon

I hear salt lamps are good for relaxation. If nothing else, they give off a beautiful glow and look like a statement décor piece. This one is listed for under $20 on Amazon—score!

3. Good Housekeeping Home Skills: Master Your Domain With Practical Solutions to Everyday Challenges

$14 on Amazon

Not all of us are handy with a screwdriver . . . yet! But with this how-to home skills guide from Good Housekeeping, the new house will be in good hands when there are small projects to tackle.

4. Freestanding Wine Rack

$22 on Amazon

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to housewarming gifts. Consider household staples like this modern and minimalist freestanding wine rack. It’s both functional and fashionable!

5. The Pioneer Woman 2-Piece Ceramic Baker Set

$20 on Walmart

No kitchen is complete without a set of baking dishes. This two-piece set from Walmart is perfect for pasta dishes, casseroles, meal-planning recipes and anything else that makes a warm and cozy meal.

6. Swedish Dishcloths

$12 on Amazon

If you have a friend who cares about a low-waste kitchen, these reusable Swedish dishcloths are a great alternative to paper towels. And they’re much cuter too!

7. I’m Glad for What I Have Book

$20 on Ramsey Solutions

A good housewarming gift for a family is my new children’s book. This book would make a super sweet addition to a growing family’s home nursery or library because it’s all about teaching contentment and gratitude, without having to use those big, fancy words!

8. Personalized Return Address Stamp

$9 on Etsy

Y’all, people still use snail mail. This personalized return address stamp is one way to level up your friend’s or family’s mail instead of using address stickers or handwriting. Pair the stamp with a colorful ink pad, and you’ve got a great housewarming gift.

9. Roll-Away Puzzle Mat

$24 on Uncommon Goods

For the family that enjoys hanging out around a puzzle, this roll-away puzzle mat will help them reclaim some space by storing a puzzle in progress out of the way.

10. Fire Extinguisher

$22 at Home Depot


Start budgeting with EveryDollar today!

“Rachel, a fire extinguisher as a housewarming gift?” Yes! Hear me out. Every home needs a fire extinguisher, but who remembers to buy fire extinguishers? That’s right, you do, because you care about safety and practicality. Tie a ribbon on it, make it cute, and I guarantee your friend will think it’s a great idea.

11. Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Trio

$22 on Amazon

It seems like the basics tend to get lost during a move. What happened to the paper plates? Where are the matches? Nobody knows. Set your loved ones up with a cleaning starter kit that’s cute and smells amazing. They’ll thank you for it.

12. Vintage-Style Cappuccino Mugs

$20 on Amazon

For the coffee lover in your life, how about gifting them these pretty, vintage-inspired cappuccino mugs? Even better, you can enjoy quality time over a cup of coffee together. Now that’s what I call a thoughtful housewarming gift.

13. Bonne Maman Gift Box

$22 on Bonne Maman

No, this isn’t sponsored! But yes, I love these fruit preserves from Bonne Maman. A sampler gift box plus a package of English muffins is a perfect housewarming gift for your brunch-obsessed best friend.

14. Utensil and Tablet Holder

$20 on Amazon

How beautiful is this utensil holder? If you have a family member who uses their phone or tablet for recipes, this canister will prop it up nicely while they make a new dish.

15. Questions for Humans Conversation Cards

$18 on Ramsey Solutions

A good housewarming gift to help your friends and family host a gathering at their new home is a deck of Questions for Humans Conversation Cards, by my friend Dr. John Delony. This gift is sure to get interesting conversations started!

16. Personalized Softcover Photo Book

$15 on Printique

Moving to a new place doesn’t mean your friends and family have to forget the old memories you’ve shared. Capture your experiences together with this super sweet, customizable photo book. It’ll be perfect to display on their new coffee table.

17. Beauty by Earth Shower Steamers Aromatherapy Pack

$19 on Amazon

You know what’s exhausting? Moving. Help your friend unwind and settle in after this big life transition with these aromatherapy shower steamers.

18. The Cheese Board Deck

$20 on Williams Sonoma

Learn how to build snack boards for every meal of the day with this charcuterie deck. It gives 50 ideas for spreads, plus ingredients and instructions to arrange and present each one.

19. USA 50 State Dish Towels

$18 on Amanda Klein Co.

Here in the South, decorative dish towels are a must. Celebrate a cross-country move with this cute (and practical) housewarming gift!

20. Galison City Lights 1,000 Piece Puzzle

$17 on Amazon

This pretty City Lights puzzle is a perfect activity for a rainy day or cozy weekend at home. It has 1,000 pieces and will look beautiful once it's finished.

21. You Grow Girl 3-Piece Gardening Kit

$22 on Amazon

If your friend’s new home does have a yard, this kit is a super easy way to get them started gardening.

How Much Should a Housewarming Gift Cost?

There’s no right or wrong answer to how much you should spend on a housewarming gift—just make sure the gift fits into your budget and makes sense for the relationship you have with the person.

For example, you’ll probably budget more for a housewarming gift when your sister buys her first house, but less for a coworker who rents a different apartment after their lease ends. The whole idea behind a housewarming gift is to recognize this special occasion in your loved one’s life—not to impress their friends or go into debt. The best housewarming gift is one that’s thoughtful and comes from the heart. Check out Amazon, Walmart, Target or even sales at local department stores or home goods shops for more ideas!

You could even go with the traditional European housewarming gifts of bread, salt and wine. Each element is supposed to represent a different blessing for the new homeowners: 1) bread, so that no one will be hungry, 2) salt, so that life always has flavor, and 3) wine, so that everyone in the home is happy.

Of course, here in the U.S., a beautiful, useful or personal housewarming gift is always a safe bet. Think kitchen gear, home décor items like a throw blanket or houseplant, or something personal like a framed photo or an item customized with the family’s name.

How to Add Housewarming Gifts to Your Budget

If you have a loved one or friend who you want to buy a good housewarming gift for, start thinking now about the type of gift that would be meaningful for them and would fit within your budget. Do some online browsing to check prices. Then, add a line item for it in your budget for next month.

Remember, you don’t want to overspend—no matter how much you love someone. And if you’re not already using the EveryDollar app to track and plan your monthly spending, I highly recommend it! You can get started for free today. I hope you’ll check it out.

All products and pricing were last sourced on 2/10/24 and are subject to change.

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