Online Will vs. Lawyer?

Take our quick, free quiz and find out if an online will works for you in less than five minutes!

Online Will vs. Lawyer?

Take our quick, free quiz and find out if an
online will works for you in less than five minutes!

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What Your Customized Results Include:

This assessment will help you figure out exactly what you need when it comes to your personalized, legally binding will package     —including your state-specific requirements and options for powers of attorney.  

Your results are customized based on the following information:

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Marital status — If you’re married, you can name your spouse as a beneficiary or create a mirror will for them.

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Number of children — If you have kids under 18, you’ll need to name legal guardians within your will.

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Existing will — If you already have a will, you may need to update it based on big life events like moving states, having a new baby or getting a divorce.

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Estate size — If your estate is complex, you may need advice from an estate attorney to help with your will.

What to Expect

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1. Take the Quiz

Answer a few simple questions so we can find out a bit about you. It won’t take more than five minutes!

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2. Get Your Results

We’ll work our magic and put together your customized results on what you need to be fully protected.

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3. Take Action

If your estate is straightforward you can get started right away by making your will online. Simple as that!

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