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How to Be More Intentional With Your Family Time This Summer

What was your favorite memory from last summer? We bet it involved the most cherished people in your life—your spouse and kids.

But these relationships are easy to forget in the middle of a hectic summer. Even on a family vacation, sometimes we’re so busy going from place to place that we don’t stop to appreciate who we’re with.

Go ahead and put some of these intentional moments on your summer calendar now. That way, you can decline any last-minute invites and appointments that try to steal your would-be family memories.

Even on a family vacation, sometimes we’re so busy going from place to place that we don’t stop to appreciate who we’re with.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Undistracted Adventures With Your Kids

If you have several kids, nail down one day a month for an outing with each child. For example, maybe you block off the last Wednesday of June and July for these special adventures. This gives you a chance to catch up with each child separately, without the distractions of daily life. Just remember to leave your cell phone on silent!

These outings don’t have to be complicated. Simply spend an equal amount of time and (pre-budgeted) money on each child. It can be as easy as heading to an ice cream shop after dinner or having a casual meal at a favorite burger joint. Your kids just want time with you—the setting doesn’t matter.

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Small Trips With Your Spouse

We often get so caught up planning family vacations and holiday celebrations that we forget about quality time with our spouse. But your marriage is the most important relationship you’ve got—so don’t neglect it. A simple way to create some alone time with your spouse is to pencil in a few short getaways throughout the year.

These don’t have to be grandiose or expensive. Just get a sitter locked in, then set aside at least one weekend on your summer calendar. In the meantime, use your regular date nights (you are having date nights, right?) to dream about your mini trips. If money’s tight, plan a few cuddle nights on the couch with takeout. Or, if you have some cash to spare, spring for a bed and breakfast or a marriage retreat.

Just make it fun and have fun planning it! And don’t call it a "vacation." Call it a getaway. This time is purely for relaxing and connecting. No light-speed sightseeing allowed.

Special Moments With Your Family

You can even incorporate special family moments into activities you’re already doing—like Friday night dinners at home. At the end of each week, serve a special meal (pizza counts!) and have everyone write down their weekly highs. This could be an uplifting book that moved you, an exciting project at work, or an A on a homework project for your kids.

Then spend some time sharing and celebrating together. Maybe even take a moment to express what you’re looking forward to in the next week. You may be surprised at how this simple act of love brings your family together and keeps you plugged in to each other’s lives away from home.

However you choose to make time for your family this summer, remember to put your plans on the calendar and follow through. And no matter how many playdates or parties or appointments pop up, keep your family moments first.

And no matter how many playdates or parties or appointments pop up, keep your family moments first.

Show your spouse and kids they are the most important people in the world to you—this summer and all throughout the year.

Looking for more tips on how to intentionally spend quality time with your family? Check out Christy Wright’s 5 Ways to Have the Best Time With Your Family This Summer.

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