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EntreLeadership: The 3 Best Leadership Conferences of 2024

Wondering how to grow as a leader? Grab 2024 by the horns and make plans now to join one of the three best leadership conferences you’ll find anywhere! Whether you’re a small-business owner, C-level executive or leader looking to develop personally and professionally, you’ll learn a truckload of life and business lessons from the successes (and failures) of some of today’s most respected leadership trailblazers.

Leadership events to invest in yourself, your team and your purpose:

1. EntreLeadership Summit

April 21–24, 2024

Dallas, TX + Livestream

EntreLeadership Summit is a world-class experience hosted by America’s trusted voice on money and business, Dave Ramsey. Join us at the 10th EntreLeadership Summit, where some of the top minds in leadership will equip you to become a better leader, rally your team, and impose your will on the marketplace.

What’s the best thing about EntreLeadership Summit? Who are we kidding—this leadership and business conference is built on all the best things. You’ll connect with other leaders who’ll become some of your greatest encouragers and sounding boards, get practical takeaways to transform your business, and leave recharged and ready to apply what you’ve learned to your business and life.

You’ll also wrestle with topics that hit close to home—like leading through hard times, hiring and retaining amazing team members, building a winning culture, delegating and managing time, prioritizing mental wellness, and having uncomfortable conversations. Past lineups have included heavy hitters like Jim Collins, Jordan Peterson, Condoleezza Rice, Jamie Kern Lima and George W. Bush.

  • 2024 Speakers:  Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K), James Clear, Mike Rowe, Carey Lohrenz, Patrick Lencioni, Craig Groeschel, Vanessa Van Edwards, Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. John Delony, Ken Coleman and Dave Ramsey
  • Who Should Attend: Business owners and leaders managing anywhere from two to 200 employees within a range of industries
  • Learn more
  • Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter

2. The Global Leadership Summit

August 8–9, 2024

South Barrington, IL (Live Studio) + Online and Hosted Experience

The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) began in the 1990s as a single event. Today, it’s a two-day, multisite “catalytic experience” and one of the top leadership events globally. In 2024, GLS celebrates 30 years of helping change businesses, churches, communities and lives. Past summits have featured industry heavyweights like Ron Howard, Bob Iger and Dr. Brené Brown. You’ll leave GLS 2024 with inspiration and leadership insights you can put into action right away.

  • 2024 Speakers: Craig Groeschel, Coach K, Molly Fletcher, Erwin McManus, Michael Jr. and Amy Edmondson
  • Who Should Attend: Growth-minded, change-driven leaders, aspiring leaders, and people looking to understand and increase their influence
  • Learn more
  • Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter

3. Day to Grow, with John Maxwell

March 9, 2024

Orlando, FL + Livestream

Look up leadership guru in the dictionary, and you’ll find John Maxwell listed—okay, maybe not, but he should be. John has been identified as the #1 leader in business by the American Management Association and the most influential leadership expert in the world by Business Insider and Inc. magazine. He’s authored more than 100—yes, 100—books on the topics of leadership, capacity, teamwork, relationships, attitude, success, personal growth and communication.

No matter where you are on your growth journey, you’re invited to attend Day to Grow, a leading personal development event. Learn to communicate with yourself and others in a positive way, lead yourself first before leading others, and improve your outlook and attitude so you can propel your relationships to the next level. Choose from four ticket options: General In-Person, General Virtual, VIP In-Person, and Prime Time Package.

  • 2024 Speakers: John Maxwell, Dr. John Delony, Deion Sanders, Jamie Kern Lima, Jess Ekstrom, and Tim Storey.
  • Who Should Attend: Anyone who wants to become the greatest version of themselves
  • Learn more
  • Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter

Want More Leadership Resources?

Waiting is the hardest part. We know. So even while you’re waiting to attend one (or all) of 2024’s best leadership conferences, here are some powerful learning tools to help you develop your skills and become a more confident leader.

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If you’re a small-business leader, you can also sign up for EntreLeadership Elite to learn how to apply the EntreLeadership System in your business. You’ll get the tools and teachings you need to lead your team, grow your business, and create a world-class culture.

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