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How Jessica Turned Her Problem Into $70K!

Why isn’t there something like this for women?

That’s what Jessica Principe thought as she prepared for the bane of every woman’s summer—the dreaded task of shaving her legs.

She reached for her husband’s razor in the shower. He was a member of a men’s shaving subscription service, so he received fresh, new blades automatically in the mail on a regular basis. Because his razor was always sharp, she preferred using it. As she used the black, masculine razor with generic “fresh scent” shaving cream, it hit her: Why isn’t there something like this for women?

Jessica had been wanting to start a business of some sort, but until that moment, she didn’t really know what she wanted to do.

“I’m a girly-girl,” she says. “I’m the mom of two boys, I’m the only woman living in my home, and I like having pink things when I can! So I thought, let’s do [a shaving box for women]. Let’s do it with high-quality products that would be fun, exciting and different. I wanted to turn the chore of shaving into a treat.” That’s how All Girl Shave Club began!

Jessica spent three months researching the market and making plans, but it wasn’t long before that dang fear of failure—imposter syndrome—began to overtake her. “I had never done anything e-commerce-based, so I started to doubt myself and doubt my abilities,” she says. “I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing.”

If you follow my blog or listen to my podcast, you know I’ve heard women say things like this time and time again—which is why I’m so thankful for Jessica’s husband in this moment!

Her husband was very supportive and truly believed in her and what she was capable of, so he sent her a link to the Business Boutique event in Nashville last fall. Jessica gushes, “It was an answer to prayer, truly!”

At Business Boutique, she not only learned more about the logistics of running her business, but she also came away with confidence that she was absolutely on the right path.

“At the event, there were photo backdrops for attendees to take pictures,” she explains. “They had these beautiful hand-lettered signs with encouraging words and positive statements, and I took my picture with the sign that said ‘Do it scared.’ That picture is on display in my office, because it’s a great way to remind myself that the surest way to fail is to not do it at all.”

Doing it scared has paid off. Seven months in, All Girl Shave Club is now a successful shaving subscription service that includes curated products (shaving butter and body scrubs) from other women-owned businesses. She says, “I love this part of my job so much because I get to feature products and brands that otherwise may not have made it into the homes of my customers!”

Y’all. Jessica has already made over $70K in revenue and is on pace to replace the salary from her full-time job in the next couple months!

I love how Jessica’s business was born. She recognized a problem that women face and she came up with a solution! That’s good business. She set goals early on—her first goal was to gain 100 subscribers in the first month, and she blew that out of the water—and found the motivation to just do it scared.

“One of the biggest lies is that someone else is doing it out there, and doing it better,” she says. “That there’s no room for you to do it. But nobody can execute your dream the way that you can.”

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