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America’s most trusted voice on money matters points to only one place for real estate help—the Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) program.

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What Makes ELP Real Estate Agents Different?

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How Do Agents Make the Cut? 

Here’s how:

  • ELPs have been licensed, full-time agents for at least four years–this ain’t some side gig.
  • ELPs close 90% more than other agents in their market OR on at least 35 homes per year.
  • ELPs follow Dave’s teachings and participate in coaching with our team to better serve you.  

“Rose (our ELP) gave us confidence to know we could do it.” — Darren and Kenya

With their ELP’s guidance, not only were Darren and Kenya able to move their family from IL to FL, but they also used the money they made on their house to pay off debt, put 20% down on a new home, AND pay cash for a family car.

You Win With the Right People on Your Team

At Ramsey Solutions, our mission is to empower you to work Dave’s Baby Steps and reach your financial goals. That’s why when life’s major financial decisions come up—like buying or selling your home—we think it should be easy (and free!) to find the right professionals to keep you on course.

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