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Stop Being Mean

Recently, I wrote this above my bathroom mirror:

Stop being mean to your body.

I’m not saying I harm my body, like by smoking for example. I’m talking about mean like the movie Mean Girls—like hateful mean, like talk bad about my body every single day mean.

I noticed a pattern not long ago where every thought I had about myself was something mean. My hair, my stomach, my skin, my arms—nothing was ever good enough.

Every day when I would finish getting ready, I would leave the bathroom mirror and think, “This will have to do.” I started every day with the voice of defeat.

Then one day as I was walking out, I felt God put me in my place and remind me:

“Christy, your body is powerful and strong and beautiful. Please stop being so mean to it.”

I wrote that statement on my mirror to remind me.

Stop being mean to your body.

But it’s not just me—I know that you do it as well. And it doesn’t matter what you look like, because this same dissatisfaction plagues so many of us regardless of age or appearance.

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And it’s not just about our bodies—it’s about everything: our abilities, work, house, family, and choices. Nothing is good enough, and we are our own worst critics. We are simultaneously the impossible-to-please master and the unworthy, inadequate servant.

I love the quote by Brené Brown that says “Talk to yourself like you would someone you love.”

Yes, friends. Yes.

Whether it’s a reminder on your mirror, desk, or phone, let’s remember who we are. Let’s remember that God created us beautiful and unique and wonderful and worthy. And guess what? He doesn’t make mistakes!

Whether it’s about your body or your business, your priorities or your parenting, let’s stop being mean. Instead, let’s do our best to start loving the woman in the mirror.

Christy Wright

About the author

Christy Wright

Christy Wright is a #1 national bestselling author, personal development expert and host of The Christy Wright Show. She’s been featured on Today, Fox News, and in Entrepreneur and Woman’s Day magazines. Since 2009, Christy has served at Ramsey Solutions, where she teaches on personal development, business and faith. Learn More.