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Dave Rant: Why Politicians Aren't Jesus

It’s debate season. And true to form, politicians on both sides are making big promises to secure their nominations. They’re playing on our victim mentality to get what they want, which is, of course, a cushy seat in the Oval Office.

The sad truth is that many Americans fall for this elaborate fiction. And Dave is beyond sick of it. Here’s what he had to say during a recent rant on politicians and the false dreams they sell us:

"You have Republicans and Democrats telling you how they’re going to fix your life. And the reason I hate that is, A: It’s a lie and B: It makes you think that you can sit around and wait on those morons to fix your life."

Politicians can’t save you. Because they aren’t saviors. They’re cogs in a political machine that churn out catchy slogans and slick speeches. Even if they have angelic intentions, they aren’t going to solve all your problems. They simply can’t.

"There’s nobody on a news channel that’s going to fix your life. There’s no government program that’s going to fix your life. There’s no Republican who’s going to be Jesus. And there’s no Democrat who’s going to give you everything you ever wanted. It’s an absolute lie."

The key to changing your life is changing your thinking. Start, he says, by losing the victim mentality.

"You are not a victim. You are not a victim of big corporations. You’re not a victim of Wall Street. You’re not a victim of capitalism. You’re not a victim of wealth inequality. You’re not a victim of racism. You’re not a victim."

All these are real, of course. And it’s okay to get mad about them. But don’t give them power over you.

"I had a big company step on my neck and kick my face in last week. They just broke a contract and got away with it," he says. "But you know what? I’m not a victim."

People will cheat you, bully you, and insult you in life and in business. It happens, unfortunately. But they aren’t worth your time. Instead of putting all your energy into bashing them, or pushing for a political "fixer" to help you out, pour your energy into helping yourself.

"You are the hero in this story. You’re not the victim in this story. And when people tell you you’re a victim and they have the solution—that makes them the hero. Do not let a politician become the hero in your story. You are the hero of your story. You are in charge of your destiny," Dave says. "You’re the one who gets sick and tired of being sick and tired and decides to get out of debt. You’re the one who decides to change your body with an exercise program. You’re the one who decides to read some nonfiction books this year. You’re the one who decides to understand the Bible for the first time in your life. And you’re the one who decides to start attending church and become that kind of dad that you’ve always wanted to be."

It’s up to you, not some politician. They may talk a big talk, but you’ve got to do the walking. It’s your life. Give yourself a lot more credit. As for the politicians? Give them a whole lot less.

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