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Live Like No One Else: Ken's Story

Ken, known to his friends as "Duker," had a simple philosophy when it came to dealing with debt—just work more. But no matter how much he worked, he could never outrun his debt.

"I was never late on payments, I was never behind . . . but I was living paycheck to paycheck," Ken said.

One day, after begging his credit card company to extend his maxed-out line of credit, he finally decided he’d had enough. He wrote out all of his debts on a piece of paper and faced the harsh truth—it totaled up to $395,000.

Ken realized he had to do something to tackle his mountain of debt. "I said, 'I’m not living like this anymore!'"

Ken started applying the principles he was learning from listening to The Dave Ramsey Show. With each debt Ken paid off, he could feel the weight lifting from his shoulders. He kept chipping away at the large total, and today he is completely debt-free!

"Nobody owns me anymore," Ken said. "It puts you in a whole new level of living—it’s just incredible."

Ken is one of many people who took control of his money, paid off debt, and is now living like no one else. Watch more stories like Ken’s on The Dave Ramsey Show.

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