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How a Police Officer Paid Off $265,000 in Debt!

Dexter and Christina’s debt-free journey was sparked by finding out they were expecting their first child. Keeping up with their monthly debt payments was already a challenge, but with a little one on the way, they knew they needed to make a change.

Dexter began listening to The Dave Ramsey Show and got inspired by the stories of everyday people reaching their goals of becoming debt-free. "We took responsibility for the credit cards, the piled-up bills, the stress and the depression," Dexter said.

Taking Financial Peace University (FPU) got them even more fired up about getting rid of their debt! They downsized, sold their home, and spent three years living in an 800-square foot apartment.

So, what did they learn on their debt-free journey? Watch their story to find out.

Get inspired this year from people just like you who took control of their money. Check out The Ramsey Show today!

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