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Their House Burned Down—But They Didn't Let That Stop Them!

David and Emily met as college students, and like most college students, they were broke.


"I can remember distinctly when we were about to get married [and] I went to get a ring and I got denied the loan amount," David said. "That was a pretty sad moment for me."

Their financial issues were also taking a toll on Emily, and she was tired of it.

"We were paying for all our mistakes," she said. "I just wanted the ability to enjoy my money."

She got hooked listening to The Ramsey Show and found a Financial Peace University class in San Antonio.

"That was the turning point for us," Emily said.

She and David attended Financial Peace University and started taking control of their debt the following week.

But then life happened.

The couple got a call one New Year’s Eve that their house was on fire! But they didn’t let that stop them. Once they were back on their feet, it made them more determined than ever to get their finances in order.

"That’s when we really started taking off," David said. "For us, it’s just changed our whole way of living."

Watch more of David and Emily’s compelling story above!

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