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Defeating Debt and Helping the Hungry: Janine's Story

Janine and her husband, Kevin, love giving to charity—so much so that they started one of their own.

Blessings in a Backpack is Janine’s passion project. This charity provides bags of food to underprivileged children so they’ll have something to eat when they’re not at school. But as Janine knows, you can’t give to others unless you’re in a stable position yourself.

“In 2008 I decided that I didn’t want to spend like we had been spending,” Janine says. “There was more to life than just waiting for a paycheck.”

Janine discovered The Total Money Makeover and, a little later, Financial Peace University. It was the beginning of a massive shift in the couple’s financial future.

“It has changed our lives, and we are living like no one else because of it,” she says.

Janine fell into a dark place after her daughter, Sophia, was diagnosed with autism. During that time, the couple found hope by focusing on their goal to give generously.

“God gave me something else to hold on to,” says Janine. “When you feel like you’re sinking, if you can give to somebody . . . it makes you see a bigger picture.”

Today, Janine wants the world to know that you don’t need to make six figures to achieve financial peace.

“It starts with a plan,” she says. “Say yes to changing your life. Say yes to being different than everybody else.”

Watch Janine and Kevin’s inspiring story to see how they defeated their debt so they could give like no one else.

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