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9 People You Need To Help You Get Out of Debt

Just like Holmes needed Watson, Han Solo needed Chewbacca, and Hall needed Oates, you need people in your life to encourage you when you’re getting out of debt. And guess what? You even need those naysayers too!

9 People Who Can Help You Get Out of Debt

1. The Supportive Spouse

No one can derail your momentum and cause you to lose financial focus quite like a spouse who doesn’t "get it." Two months ago it was a lot different. You were right there with them slapping down credit cards, going out to restaurants every night, and hobnobbing all over town. Now you want to make a budget and cut way back on spending. What happened to you?

The important thing to remember here is that the enemy is debt, not your spouse. And to conquer that debt, you’re going to need to get on the same page. It’s time to think about your "why" and dream together a little.

If you had no debt in the world—not a single payment owed to anyone—what could you both accomplish? You could invest and save for retirement and your kid’s college. You could give generously to those around you. You could even become a millionaire (seriously!).

A supportive spouse will stand with you as you both seek to dump debt and build your future. You’re a team. And as Dave teaches in Financial Peace University, winning like a team means you’ll need to set goals and stick to them—together.

Not married? See #2.

2. The Accountability Partner

If you’re single, you’ll need someone you can talk to when you’re getting out of debt. This certain someone will serve as your accountability partner throughout your debt-free journey. They’ll support and encourage you through the ups and downs.

This person should be willing to call you out when you’ve lost focus. We’re not talking about a negative Nellie—we’re talking about someone who will speak truth into your life during the good and bad times. Think of them like a workout partner who encourages you while still pushing you to reach your goals. When you want to stray off the path (or quit altogether) they help keep you on track.

3. The Joneses

You know the Joneses. They have everything—the nice cars, the private schools, the beach vacations—and everyone wants to have and do what they do. It’s easy to fall into the trap of looking at someone else’s life and wishing it was yours. This idea of keeping up with the Joneses is nothing new, but lately it has grown even worse in our culture (thanks, social media).

But little did you know, the Joneses have more debt problems than Congress. It’s just that, unlike Congress, their debt issues aren’t public.

It can be tempting to want what they have—especially when you scroll past their photos on social media every day. Just remember that no amount of stuff equals contentment or fulfillment.

But the Joneses can offer you one thing: a great example of everything you don’t want to do while you’re getting out of debt. Quit the comparisons, steer clear of adding any more debt to the pile, and start being content with what you already have.

4. The Endorsed Local Provider

If you’re paying off debt, you’re probably looking for every way possible to free up extra cash in your budget. But have you ever thought of contacting an Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) in your area? They’re the ones who can help you save money on your insurance, which would help cut back on your bills each month. Most people save an average of $700 when they shop around for insurance with the help of the agents Dave recommends. And 50% of them actually get more insurance coverage!1

5. The Financial Coach

If you’re really in a hole with your finances and don’t know where to begin, you might want to seek out the help of a financial coach. This is especially helpful if you’re facing extreme circumstances like a home foreclosure or bankruptcy. Our coaches will work with you to help come up with a solid plan you can put into action. Best of all, the plan is specific to your own unique situation.

6. The Jerk

Who is the jerk? It’s the guy who scoffs when you tell him you don’t use credit cards. It’s the so-called friend who criticizes you for not wanting to go out to eat every other night. Or it’s the family member who calls you cheap and unrealistic for thinking you can make a lifestyle of living debt-free.

Lead others to financial peace! We will show you how. Click here.

So, why do you need the jerk in your life? Motivation! Use their negativity as fuel to push you even more.

7. The Coworker Who "Gets It"

If you work full time, you more than likely spend more waking hours in the office than at home. So it’s important to have someone around who gets what you’re going through.

This is the person who’s willing to skip the expensive lunches and brown bag it with you every day. They won’t judge you when you admit to not being able to pony up another $10 for the umpteenth birthday celebration in the last two months. Heck, they might even have been through FPU and fought their way to debt freedom too—you never know until you ask!

8. Dave Ramsey

You didn’t think we’d forget about him, did you? Dave’s been in debt up to his eyeballs and scared beyond belief just like you are. And he has no problem telling you like it is. It was his own experience that inspired him to start FPU in the first place. Today, his audience has grown quite a bit, but the message remains the same: Live like no one else so that later you can live and give like no one else.

Between The Ramsey Show and his books, there’s no shortage of material out there when you need a jolt of motivation! And nothing helps encourage you like watching a debt-free scream!



9. Your FPU Group



There are so many benefits to a Financial Peace University membership, but the best part of it all might just be the people you take it with. They want to take control of their money, learn how to be better with it, and truly never have to worry about money ever again—just like you!

Having people on the journey with you while you’re getting out of debt is essential. When you go through Financial Peace University, you get built in accountability partners every week.

Dump Debt With a Little Help From Your Friends

Be on the lookout for people to have in your corner who share your beliefs about debt and can help you reach your goals. And nurture those relationships, because getting out of debt should never be a solo experience!

Make your dream of becoming debt-free a reality. You can do it! Join the program that’s helped millions of people pay off their debt and take control of their money once and for all. Get started with Financial Peace University today.

Want to get started but not ready to buy a membership? Then get Dave’s #1 bestseller, The Total Money Makeover! Learn the Baby Steps and get inspiring stories of people who have learned how to beat debt and save for the future. Buy it now!

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