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Student Loan Debt in America: Ramsey Solutions Free Livestream Offers Practical Tips and Encouragement as Payments Resume


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — More than half of all student loan borrowers say they don’t feel financially ready for payments on their loans to resume in October. And while interest on these loans begins accruing again in September, only 42% say they know what the new monthly payments on their loans will be.1

To equip borrowers with tangible, proven steps they can follow as payments resume, Ramsey Solutions is hosting a free livestream—Student Loan Debt in America: How We Got Here and How We Get Out. Tune in on Tuesday, September 12, at 7 p.m. CT to hear from nationally syndicated radio show host and bestselling author Dave Ramsey and “The Ramsey Show” co-hosts Rachel Cruze and Jade Warshaw. The trio will offer insights to make student loan repayments easier and more manageable.

“We want everyone in America who is scared and feeling the burden of student loan debt payments to know there’s hope,” Ramsey said. “You can get through this. Making a plan now, and preparing for these payments to resume, will help you feel less anxious and more confident. And we’re here to walk you through it. In the process, you’ll learn how to better handle your finances now and in the future.”

During the event, Ramsey and his co-hosts will cover important topics such as:

  • Knowing who services your loans, how much you owe and learning your monthly payments
  • Becoming aware of your options, which student loan traps and scams to avoid, and how to make real progress paying off your student loans
  • Learning to make and live on a monthly budget, spending less than you make and ideas for increasing your income

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