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How to Connect With Customers and Increase Sales

Is it possible to instantly connect with any customer who walks through your door or calls on the phone? In just a matter of seconds, could you size them up and build a rapport, which all great salespeople know is at the heart of any sale?

With the right tool, absolutely. The DISC Profile System allows you to easily recognize personalities, leading to greater communication and connections. It breaks down personalities into four categories. After you learn them, you’ll be able to understand how each person processes information and makes decisions, especially when it comes to purchases.

DISC is so important to our success that it’s taught as a lesson at EntreLeadership Master Series. We also use it in our hiring process and for conflict resolution. To get you started on quickly building relationships with your customers, here’s a summary of each personality style and how you can get them to open their wallets. Read on to win.

Decisive (D)

D’s Style: Direct and results-oriented, Ds are all about getting the job done. They love challenges, being in charge, and overcoming any obstacle to win.

How to sell to a D: Get ready to start moving. If you waste any time with a D, they’re out the door. They want a quick summary of the facts—not lots of details. Tell them what they need to know, and get out of the way. Since they’ve already done the research, they’ll quickly make a decision and move on.

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Interactive (I):

I’s Style: The ultimate people person, the I is always looking for fun—even when it comes to buying something. They love being around others.

How to sell to an I: An I is all about relationships, and the sale will never happen if you don’t connect. Take time to celebrate the purchase with them. Be forewarned, though, an I can quickly lose focus and take you along for the ride. Before you know it, you’ve agreed to next week’s limbo contest, laughed until you nearly cried, and basically had the time of your life—with no sale ever being made.

Stabilizing (S)

S’s Style: Steady, loyal and the ultimate team player, an S would rather play six rounds of Bingo with Attila the Hun than hurt anyone’s feelings. Yes, we know S Barbarians need friends too. They (S’s, not bloodthirsty, warmongering dictators) are very slow to make decisions.

How to Sell to an S: Never, and we can’t state this enough, pressure-sell an S. They’ll shut down faster than the New Jersey Turnpike during election season. This sale is going to take a lot of time because they’ll need to think about their decision. They also need to be reassured everyone involved is going to be okay.

Cautious (C)

C’s Style: Want to make a C happy? Then give them more facts and figures than they could possibly ever use. Add to that a boatload of procedures and some rules to back it up, and you’ll make their overly organized little hearts overjoyed.

How to Sell to a C: Give details, details and more details. And when you’re done, give them additional facts. Like an S, a C can be slow to change. They need all the information before they make a decision.


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The DISC test is a great tool to use as part of your sales process. By learning the different personality styles, you’ll be able to create those good vibrations with your customers and team—the kind that make the cash register ring.

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