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6 Reasons Why Budgeting Is Right for You

If you’re looking for reasons to budget, you’ve come to the right place. Because I can sing the praises of this money habit all day long!

Now, before you think I’ve loved budgeting my whole entire life, I want you to understand something. I didn’t always like doing it. It honestly felt like a chore. But when I saw all the great reasons for budgeting, and I started taking it seriously and making a budget every single month—well, the results won me over. So, I want to share some of those budget benefits with you!

Here are six reasons why budgeting is right for you. (Yes, you!)

1. Budgeting is a plan for your money.

We make plans for our careers, goals, holidays, vacations and a million other things. So, why wouldn’t we make a plan for something that literally touches all these aspects of life? I’m talking about money!

A budget is just a plan for your money. Pure and simple. When you make a budget, you tell your money where to go—and stop wondering where it went! So, one of the top reasons for budgeting is that it gives your money a plan. And that plan leads me to the next point.

2. Budgeting puts you in control of your money.

What happens when you plan where your money goes? You show your money who’s in charge. (It’s you!)

I know it can feel like your money is happening to you. That living paycheck to paycheck is just the way of life, and you’ll always watch all your income go out the door the same month it comes in. Or that debt is normal, so you’ll always be paying off the past. Or that inflation makes it impossible to get ahead.

True, it’s sometimes hard to get ahead—but it isn’t impossible! You don’t have to live in the past with your money, and you don’t have to get by just barely.

Budgeting is the first step to go from surviving to thriving, because budgeting puts you in control of your money. And let me tell you, the feeling of empowerment and peace you’ll get from this shift is incredible.

3. Budgeting gives you permission to spend (and save!).

You guys, I’m a natural spender. It’s just how I’m wired. I used to worry budgeting would mean I’d never have fun with money again. But it’s completely the opposite. Having a budget gives you permission to spend—guilt free!

Because when you’ve got everything covered in your budget, you know there’s space for spending! You won’t worry about the electric bill not getting paid because you decided to treat yourself to a new sweater. If you’ve got a clothing or personal spending budget line, and there’s money in there to buy the new sweater—buy it!

And savers, a budget gives you permission to stash cash, without being a Scrooge. Once you’ve budgeted for all your needs and a couple of fun things (trust me, savers, you should budget for fun—even if it’s just a little) you can put all that extra money in savings. With zero regret.

Spenders and savers alike—you will enjoy your money better when you’re budgeting.

Budget Calculator

Enter your income and the calculator will show the national averages for most budget categories as a starting point. A few of these are recommendations (like giving). Most just reflect average spending (like debt). Don't have debt? Yay! Move that money to your current money goal.





Total Expenses


4. Budgeting is how you reach all your money goals.

If you want to pay off all debt, save for a dream vacation, invest so you can enjoy the retirement of your dreams, or just get some more breathing room with your money, these are all wonderful financial goals. And listen, no matter what your goals are with money, a budget will get you there. It’s the foundation to making each of these dreams a reality.


Start budgeting with EveryDollar today!

In fact, it doesn’t stop with money goals. If you want to set and reach any life goal, you’ll need to make space in the budget to do it. Which means . . . you’ll need a budget!

5. Budgeting is how you reach financial peace.

There’s a lot going on in the world right now—from inflation to a recession to a rocky stock market—it can feel so overwhelming. Even figuring out where to start can be intimidating. But there’s a way to reach some true peace with your finances, no matter the economy. It’s called the 7 Baby Steps.

This is the proven plan to paying off debt, saving money, and building wealth. From getting your first $1,000 in the bank for emergencies all the way to building lasting wealth and giving like no one else, following this plan will get you there one (baby) step at a time!

These Baby Steps work—when you put in the work. And that starts with the budget, which is just another reason why budgeting is right for you.

6. Budgeting creates accountability.

Here’s a budget benefit I specifically love about EveryDollar (the app my husband, Winston, and I use). We share the EveryDollar account, and we can both get in there on our phones to see where we stand, at any time. We aren’t hiding spending from each other. It’s right there, clear as can be.

Plus, we have budget meetings where we talk about what’s coming, how our money goals are going, and any month-specific expenses we should make sure we cover. Budgeting together like this creates accountability!

But listen, if you’re single, budgeting still keeps you accountable. To yourself! Because the truth is, it’s far too easy to hide expenses—even from yourself—simply by not tracking your transactions. But ignoring your spending is one of the worst things you can do with money. And budgeting? One of the best!

I honestly have a ton more reasons for budgeting, but these are some of my favorites. Whether you’re starting a New Year’s resolution to get better with money or it’s a random Tuesday and you’re sick and tired of feeling stuck with your finances, please know: You can get better, get unstuck, and get ahead. First, decide you’re ready to make this happen, and then download EveryDollar and budget to make it happen.

Here's to the empowerment and peace budgeting brings.

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