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5 Reasons Why Budgeting is Right For You

When it comes to relationships, we all expect a little give and take. Even the parent of a toddler knows that a day beginning with tantrums and negotiations ends with a cuddle and a song. The best relationships reward everyone involved.

It’s the same with you and your budget.

Maybe you’re teetering on the edge, trying to decide whether or not you’re going to take the big leap to becoming a budgeter. Perhaps you’re pondering the idea of a budget and wondering, “Hey budget, what are you going to do for me.”

We’re here to speak up on behalf of the budget. It might take a little give and take to get it right, but we know you and your budget can have a mutually beneficial relationship. And here’s why:

5 Reasons Budgeting May Be Right for You

1. A budget offers peace of mind.How often do you buy groceries or make a purchase online and hold your breath while the processing symbol spins? Your thoughts probably go something like this: Surely we have enough. Then again, I don’t really know. Thank goodness! Dodged a bullet this time!


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The nagging feeling that comes with uncertainty never goes away. And every time you spend a little more than you intended or the bills start to creep up or your spouse comes home with a new coat or car, you wonder when your good luck will finally run out.

Make friends with your budget and you’ll always know exactly where you stand. You’ll be able to buy new clothes for your kids without worry and pay your bills with confidence. You’ll also know when it’s time to curb your spending and when it’s okay to have some fun.

A budget gives you peace of mind and gives you control of your money which brings us to our next point.

2. A budget puts you in control.We’re not sure you know this, but . . . you’re the boss of your money. Not the government. Not your bills. Not your debt. Not your overwhelming desire to have a good time. You.

Maybe for too long you’ve let everyone and everything else dictate what you do with your hard-earned income. Maybe you’ve accepted that you’ll always owe money on student loans or always have credit card debt or a car payment. In those scenarios everyone else is telling your money where to go.

A budget lets you decide on purpose before every month begins exactly how you want to spend your income. No more excuses. No more wondering where the money went. No more settling for status quo.

Once your budget is in place, you can now reach for the stars! Read on.

3. A budget encourages you to reach your goals.Picture for a moment your dream vacation, your dream home, your dream future. Did you conjure up your current house or last year’s camping trip? Oh no. Your mind wandered way past where your money could ever take you.

Or so you think.

With a budget, you can take steps toward your goals every single month. You may choose to pay down debt, save for a big trip or a new home—or even work to build margin in your life for things like pursuing hobbies, changing careers, growing your family, or building a business.

The sky’s the limit when you give every dollar a name!

4. Zero-based budgeting accounts for every dollar.Maybe you’re already “budgeting.” You keep a list of regular bills tucked away in a kitchen drawer and could make an educated guess as to their monthly total. You usually spend roughly the same amount on gas and groceries each week. Sorry, but that’s not really a budget.

A real budget—one that has the power to take you somewhere—accounts for every dollar.

With zero-based budgeting you give every single dollar a name. Practically speaking, this means you start by listing all the income you’ll earn in the coming month. Then, list all the ways you’ll give, save, or spend your money. The goal is to work until your income minus your monthly spending equals zero. This method makes the most of your hard-earned income.

5. An EveryDollar budget is future focused, easy to create, and a breeze to maintain.Sure, you could use a legal pad and a calculator. Or an expensive financial management system. Or even Excel. With those tools, you might get the job done for a month or two. But if your life is anything like ours, you need a system that’s quick, easy and efficient.

With EveryDollar, you can create a budget in just minutes a month. No, really! You can set goals, track your progress, access your budget from a desktop or mobile, and move money around without doing any math. And with Ramsey+ (which gets you the premium version of EveryDollar), managing your transactions is as easy as doing a drag and drop.

An EveryDollar Budget is a one-stop shop for winning with money.

When you start budgeting, remember this: It takes most new budgeters about three months to get comfortable with budgeting. Do your best not to stop before then. Give the EveryDollar budget your every effort and you might just find that you two are a perfect match.

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