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Let’s face it—there’s a lot of crap out there on the internet. But never here. We ask outside experts to review our articles, give feedback, and share insight. Because getting it right matters. These folks have long track records of authority and expertise in their fields (like finance, insurance, real estate and law). And like us, they’re committed to equipping you with relevant, accurate info so you can make the best financial decision for your family. Every. Single. Time.

Brett Buechner

Brett Buechner started in the insurance business as an agent for American Family in 1999. From there, he quickly branched out and started his own independent agency. He’s been located in Milford, Connecticut, ever since. Today, Brett is licensed to sell property and casualty, health, and life insurance.

Brett is a longtime listener of The Ramsey Show. And as a RamseyTrusted Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) since 2013, Brett has plenty of experience helping customers cover their insurance needs. With the heart of a teacher, Brett walks people through their coverage options so they can choose the policy that’s best for them. His knowledge of both personal and commercial insurance allows him to help customers with just about any situation.

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Jeff Zander

Jeff Zander is an industry innovator with more than 40 years of experience helping customers understand insurance. As the CEO of Zander Insurance and a Certified Insurance Counselor, he’s worked for decades to broaden awareness regarding the importance of insurance and has devoted his career to helping clients shop for the best products across all lines of coverage, including term life, disability, home, auto, health, employee benefits, business insurance and more

Jeff’s friendship with Dave Ramsey goes back 25 years, and that relationship led him to become Dave’s agent in the late 1990s. Shortly after, Zander became a national advertiser on The Ramsey Show—a catalyst that helped them expand into a national insurance agency that has faithfully guided Ramsey fans across the country to solutions that protect their families from all types of risk. The debt-free agency, based in Nashville, Tennessee, is continuously recognized by a vast array of insurance companies across the industry as an elite organization based on its service principles, making it one of the most awarded agencies in the country. Today, Zander remains the only company Dave recommends for all your term life, disability and identity theft protection needs. They’re RamseyTrusted because they’ve proven they’ll do whatever it takes to help you win.

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Albon Shaw

Albon Shaw is a RamseyTrusted real estate agent who specializes in helping people list and invest in properties. He has been a real estate professional since 2009 and holds an associate brokers license.
Albon and his family feel blessed to have learned the Ramsey principles and gained financial peace. Now, he helps people make informed and educated decisions when buying or selling their homes. In his downtime, he enjoys being active in his local Rotary Club, volunteering with several organizations, spending time with his three teenagers, and enjoying the great outdoors near his home in Casper, Wyoming.

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