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Should You Do Your Own Taxes or Hire a Pro

Ever watch someone make three right turns instead of a left? Well, you could be doing your taxes the same long (and grueling) way. Take a look at our tax services to see if you can file comfortably by yourself or if it’s best to work with a pro.    

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Get organized with our tax prep checklists.

Use them to gather what you’ll need so you can file with ease.



Tax Season 2022: What You Need to Know (and Looking Ahead to 2023)

Get the answers to all your tax questions.

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The Best Way to File Your Taxes Now

When it comes to tax preparation, most people panic, put up two fists, and swing. We have a better idea: Start with a plan. You can follow these steps all on your own if you’re ready to rock self-filing, or you and your tax pro can work the plan together. Either way, you’ll do your taxes the best way this year.

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Gather everything you need.

Step 1 is easy (especially if you have our tax preparation checklists for personal and self-employed tax returns). Find all your tax forms, like W-2s and 1099s.

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Decide if you’ll take the standard deduction or itemize.

Taking the standard deduction is easier, sure, but if itemizing means you’ll have a lower tax bill, it’s worth the effort! If you’re working with a tax pro, they can help you decide whether itemizing is worth it. But no matter how you file, just remember to back up your itemized deductions with receipts. 

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Pick a filing status.

Single? Jointly? Separately? Married couples usually save more by filing jointly. But check the math (or ask your tax pro to check it), because sometimes it makes more sense to file separately.

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Get motivated and get your taxes done.

Create a playlist with songs that make you want to take on the world. Or imagine how you’ll reward yourself after you get your taxes done. Then, do them. Or have your tax pro do them—after all, that’s why you hired them!

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Set yourself up for success next year. 

If you get a big tax refund or bill, go ahead and adjust your withholdings. You want your tax bill or return as close to zero as possible! That way, you keep more money in your pocket throughout the year—without giving Uncle Sam an interest-free loan. Finally, keep tax documents and receipts in one place all year so you won’t have to hunt for everything you need next spring.

Want to File Your Taxes Now?

Ramsey SmartTax is a super simple way to file your personal and self-employed taxes. Unlike most tax software, it has transparent (and low) prices. No sneaky fees. No surprises.

Can Someone Just Do My Taxes for Me?

Yep! We can put you in touch with an Endorsed Local Provider. These tax pros are RamseyTrusted, meaning they’ll put your needs first and do your taxes right.

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