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Endorsed Local Providers

Endorsed Local Providers (ELP) is a nationwide service that helps you find local experts you can trust. The certified professionals we recommend are in excellent standing in their industry and provide top-notch customer service.

Look, you work way too hard to leave any hard-earned cash with the IRS. Work with a Ramsey tax advisor who has your back—no matter what your situation. Find one near you and enjoy:

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    More money in your paycheck after you fix your tax withholding and stop giving the government an interest-free loan.
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    A better understanding of your taxes, including filing taxes for your side-hustles and small businesses.
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    Peace of mind and protection with an accurate tax filing (you might actually start singing Hakuna Matata on Tax Day)
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How Can Our Tax Advisors Serve You?

We call our tax advisors “Endorsed Local Providers,” or ELPs, because they’ve earned the trust of America’s leading voices in personal finance. Here’s how you know you can trust them:

Number one

They help you adjust your withholdings—like Dave teaches. 

Big refunds (and bills) are ridiculous. Get your refund close to zero and enjoy more accurate paychecks.

Number two

Unlike seasonal tax advisors, ELPs help all year. 

Your ELP won't scram after April. When big life changes affect your taxes, they're there to help.

Number three

They’ve been vetted by our team.

We wouldn't pair you with a moron! For 20 years, we've been matching people with qualified tax advisors.

Who Likes Doing Taxes Anyway? We Know Some People. 

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What Can You Expect From a Good Tax Advisor?

  1. An accurate tax filing (duh!). 

  2. Every tax deduction and credit you deserve. 

  3. A teacher who can explain complicated tax rules (and how to legally maneuver them).

  4. An expert who can sort out mistakes you made in the past or years you didn’t do your taxes. 

Sometimes your taxes are simple enough to do on your own. Other times your taxes are a maze, and you’re better off hiring someone who knows the way through it. To figure out if you should self-file or not, take this five-minute quiz.

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