Destroy Your
Student Loans

You’re angry—and why not? You were told student loans were your ticket to a successful future, and now they’re robbing you of your dreams. But you can take control!

The first and most important step is to get so mad at your debt you can feel it in your gut. You’ve worked too hard for too long to be stuck in debt anymore. Today is the day you decide to get yourself out of debt once and for all. Watch this video of Dave explaining the intensity it takes to go on this journey! Never let your debt make you feel defeated ever again. Get mad at it. Enough is enough, right? It’s time to erase that debt—no matter what it takes!

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The debt snowball is the secret to blasting through your debt faster than you thought possible. List your debts smallest to largest, regardless of interest rate. (Don’t limit this to your student loans—do this right and get rid of all your debt!) Knock out the smallest debt first. Then, take what you were paying on that debt and add it to the payment of your next smallest debt. Use our Debt Snowball Calculator to see how quickly all your debt can disappear.

You’ve got your plan, and you’ve got your debt payoff date. Now you’ve just got to keep the momentum going. If you’re not already on one, get on a budget. EveryDollar is a free budgeting tool that makes it easy to get started—you’ll feel like you got a raise! And, while you’re attacking your debt, talk with our trusted partners at SplashFinancial to find out if student loan consolidation could help you pay off your student loans even faster.

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Destroy your student loans with a proven plan to pay them off faster.