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How to Take Back Your Time

If only I had more time in the day to get everything done!

How many times have you said that? As much as we wish we could add a few more hours into every day, the reality is—we can’t.

But the good news is, even though you can’t add more minutes to the clock, you can spend your time focusing on what really matters. You can choose what stays and what gets the boot from your schedule. And you can get more intentional about how you use the time in your one and only life. In Christy Wright’s new book, Take Back Your Time, she’ll guide you through how to get the right things, not just more things, done on your to-do list. Are you ready?

The Why Behind Take Back Your Time 

You might just think, Well, of course Christy is writing about this topic—no one feels like they have enough time these days. And while that might be true, there’s a bigger reason Christy wrote this book—and it’s personal.

As a working mom of three young kids, Christy is right there in the trenches with every person who feels like they’re on the hamster wheel, going through the motions, and reliving the same demanding day over and over again. It’s easy to say, “Oh, she’s been there”—but she is there. Christy is in that season of life right now. And she’s learned ways to take back her time that have worked, and she wants to share those tips with you too.  


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What to Expect in Take Back Your Time 

So, here’s the thing—most self-help books talk a big game, but when it comes down to it, they’re filled with a lot of ideas but not a lot of practical takeaways you can put into place in your life. Sound familiar? Yeah, you’ve probably read a few of those books. But Take Back Your Time is not a self-help book that leaves you high and dry. This book actually lays out exact steps you can take to overhaul your schedule, quit hating your to-do list, redefine what balance looks like, and prioritize what matters most. You’ll learn how to:

Identify what balance looks like in your unique situation and season. 

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to life balance. Why? Because everybody is in a different season of life. The daily schedule of an empty nester probably won’t work for a mom of two kids under age 2. And that’s okay. Know the season you’re in and honor that.

Sometimes it feels like everything needs your full attention all the time. But guess what? It really doesn’t. Remember, not everything is a priority. Think about what matters most to you—not your spouse, not your mom, not your favorite influencer—you. This might sound overwhelming, but don’t worry. Christy walks you through how you can practically identify exactly what you need in this season.

Find confidence in the choices that are right for you.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but you can’t do everything, and you can’t be everything to everybody. So instead of guilting yourself because you can’t be Wonder Woman to every acquaintance you’ve ever know, give yourself grace. It’s okay to stop doing the things that don’t matter to you.


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The way you spend your time and the choices you make in your schedule should reflect what matters most to you. Need help tweaking your schedule? In Take Back Your Time, Christy walks you through how to create your ideal schedule. The best part here is that she doesn’t just tell you, “Hey, you should fix your calendar.” Christy actually shows you how.

We all get the same 24 hours in a day to use—for better or for worse. Ready to find some more time in your life right now? Try Christy’s 7-Day Time Finder Challenge!

Be present for your life and actually enjoy it! 

You can get intentional and turn the tide to become better at guarding yourself from those distractions. It’s possible! Steer clear of things that rob you of your time and distract you from being fully present in the moment, and make time for what matters most.

If date night with your spouse and one-on-one donut Fridays with your kids are the most important connections in your week—protect them. Don’t cut them out to make time for the laundry, church small group, or anything. Keep what’s sacred in your schedule just that—sacred.

The Guilt-Free Guide to Life Balance 

If you’re searching for the perfect balance in life (and who isn’t?), Christy will be the first to tell you that life balance isn’t an even 50/50 split between work and your personal life. She says, “When we think life balance is about having perfect equality in how we spend our time, we set ourselves up to fail. We make it impossible to focus our efforts or adapt for the season we are in,” Christy says in Take Back Your Time. “Balance is less about a 50/50 split and more about being 100 percent present wherever you are.” Isn’t that the truth!

“Life balance isn’t about doing everything for an equal amount of time. It’s about doing the right things at the right time.” — Christy Wright

So, then, how can we get to this place of life balance if we can’t cut up and divide our time equally like a Thanksgiving pie? Simple: “Life balance isn’t about doing everything for an equal amount of time,” Christy says in her book. “It’s about doing the right things at the right time. It’s about spending your one life on what matters to you.”

Dang! That’s a lot to chew on right there. Don’t worry, though—Christy unpacks this entire concept throughout Take Back Your Time and makes it actionable so you can put it into place in your daily life. If that’s not enough to hook you, then we don’t know what is. Preorder Take Back Your Time now before the book releases on September 14!

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