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How to Own Your Past and Change Your Future

If you’re reading this, you’ve lived through a global pandemic. You’ve watched people become more and more divided into their own corners. You’ve found yourself living the daily grind of life and just going through the motions. And you’ve probably collected a ton of “friends” and gathered “likes” on social media (like they’re candy)—but still don’t have anyone to call during a 3 a.m. emergency. All of that impacts your mental health and wellness.

Our State of Mental Health Study shows that 56% of Americans are concerned about their mental health right now. And after the last two years we’ve all had, that makes perfect sense.

It’s safe to say the normal ways of doing life these days aren’t working. In fact, they’re draining the life right out of us. We’re connected with just a swipe on our phones, and yet, we’re still missing real human connection. That’s why national bestselling author Dr. John Delony wrote his latest book, Own Your Past, Change Your Future.

The Why Behind Own Your Past, Change Your Future

John has been there. He’s seen all the cracks. And he wants to help you find a better way to live your one and only life. You can be well, have deep and meaningful relationships, and go forward into a full life.

John says it best in Own Your Past, Change Your Future: “I want you to begin living a strong, whole, well, resilient, and connected life . . . starting now.” It’s time for you to leave the past behind and get on the path to wellness. This book will give you the tools you need to make that happen.

What to Expect in Own Your Past, Change Your Future

In Own Your Past, Change Your Future, John will walk you through his five-step path to becoming well—truly well. Not just living in slap-a-Band-Aid-on-it survival mode. We won’t give it all away, but here are a few things you can expect from John’s new book.

How to Own Your Story

There’s no way to sugarcoat it—junk happens to us in life. Sometimes it’s little setbacks, and sometimes it’s traumatic events. But the things that happened in your past don’t need to define your future. In Own Your Past, Change Your Future, you’ll learn how to unpack the bricks in your backpack (yep, that’s a Delony-ism). Bricks are all of the stories we take with us throughout life.

“The bricks we carry around have a profound and lasting downstream effect on our bodies and our relationships. Many of these bricks are trauma, either the big cinder block or the tiny pebbles that accumulated over time.” — Dr. John Delony

We all have stories we carry with us from our past, and those stories can weigh us down. When we own our story (and unpack those bricks in our backpack), we can start to live a life that’s lighter in the stress and trauma department and deeper in the whole and healthy department.

How to Change Your Thoughts and Actions

In Own Your Past, Change Your Future, you’ll learn that in order to be well, you have to change your thoughts and actions. And the great news is—you don’t have to be a powerless slave to your thoughts and let them impact your life. You can control your thoughts! You’re in charge of what goes in your head and what gets to rattle around in there too. In his book, John will give you the helpful tools you need to take inventory of your mind, identify patterns, and see how your thoughts influence your actions.

“I can’t always choose my feelings, but I get to choose my thoughts about how I feel.” — Dr. John Delony

How to Connect With Others Again

Let’s be real—after 2020, we all need to learn how to reconnect with people again. Not on Zoom. Not on Facebook. Not on TikTok. In real life. The truth is, we’re wired for human connection, and it’s one of the basic building blocks to being a healthy person. Big shocker here—people need people! But that’s easier said than done. Most people know it feels 10 times harder to make solid friendships as a 35-year-old at the office water cooler than it did as a 7-year-old on the school playground. Making friends as adults can be awkward and pretty darn scary.


Want to build a non-anxious life? Learn how in Dr. John Delony’s new book.

In Own Your Past, Change Your Future, John fights against all those negative things we tell ourselves about building relationships and speaks one simple truth over it all: This is hard. But do it anyway—it’s worth it.

“You cannot be well alone.” — Dr. John Delony

Discover the Clear Path to Becoming Well

The State of Mental Health study shows that 90% of Americans believe taking care of their mental health is important. Still, somehow, we find excuse after excuse to not make our own mental health a priority. It’s time to unload that backpack full of bricks and start walking down the path to wellness. Own Your Past, Change Your Future will show you the right steps to take on that path.

Preorder your copy of Own Your Past, Change Your Future before April 19, 2022, and you’ll get over $300 worth of free bonus items, including one month of free weekly therapy from BetterHelp. Making time for your mental health, for healing and for becoming whole is worth it. It’s time to draw a line in the sand, own the past and make a change. The path to changing your life, having connected relationships and getting well begins here.

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