Ramsey Trusted Term Life Insurance Guide. How much? How long? What cost?

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If anyone in your life depends on your income—you need life insurance. Like yesterday. But getting the right policy doesn’t have to feel like hunting for a needle in a haystack. Going through this guide will help you learn three important things: how much coverage you need, how long you need it, and how much it costs. Getting clear on this stuff today will help you protect your family’s future that much faster.

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How Much Term Life Do You Need?

Our go-to advice for how much coverage you need is 10–12 times your yearly income for a term length of 15–20 years. But some situations are unique! Use this sheet to see if you need to adjust those numbers.

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How to Pick Your Health Class

Insurance companies look at a few health and lifestyles categories to decide if you qualify for life insurance and how much it might cost to insure you. So it’s smart to be as accurate as you can, but don't stress over it. Our trusted partner Zander Insurance will double-check to make sure you’re in the right category.

Great Health

Blood Pressure

Under 135/85

Cholesterol/HDL Ratio

Under 5.0
(varies by company)


Under 220

Tobacco Use

*None in 5 years

Good Health

Blood Pressure

Under 140/88

Cholesterol/HDL Ratio

Under 6.0
(varies by company)


Under 240

Tobacco Use

*None in 3 years

Okay Health

Blood Pressure

Under 145/90

Cholesterol/HDL Ratio

Under 7.0
(varies by company)


Under 260

Tobacco Use

*None in 1–3 years

Poor Health

Blood Pressure

Under 150/92

Cholesterol/HDL Ratio

Under 8.0
(varies by company)


Under 280

Tobacco Use

*None in 12 months

*Please note that certain companies offer non-tobacco rates for people who use alternative tobacco products, such as cigars, smokeless tobacco or pipes.

How much does term life insurance cost?

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How Much Will This Cost You?

The answer depends on a few factors, like your age, health and lifestyle. Plug in your info to get an idea of how much you’ll need to budget for your life insurance premium.

You'll also need to pick a term length on the form because we only recommend term life insurance. We never recommend whole life (aka cash value) insurance. Term life is way more affordable because it lasts for a set number of years (the term) and it doesn’t add investing into the mix. That’s the quick and dirty. If you want to know more about the differences between term and whole life insurance, you can check out this article

How long of a term do you need?

Your policy should last until the people in your life no longer rely on your income—like when your last kid leaves the nest or when you and your spouse become self-insured. For most people, we recommend a term of 15–20 years.

How much coverage should you get?

We recommend getting 10–12 times your annual income. It gives your family enough time to get back on their feet instead of worrying about how to replace your income.

Is your situation unique?

Our normal recommendations work best for most people. But there are a few times when you might need to adjust those numbers.

For more help understanding the right amount of coverage for your situation, you can check out our cheat sheet or contact our trusted partner Zander Insurance at 833.703.2254.

How Zander Works for You!

Zander isn't a life insurance carrier. Instead, they have experts who work on your behalf, sorting through carriers to find you the right policy. So they advocate for you—not the insurance companies. If you get denied by one carrier, Zander keeps working to help you find a policy that fits your situation. Think of them as your own private detective, solving the mystery of which term life policy is right for you.

What the Process Looks Like

Step one

Contact Zander by getting an estimate online or over the phone.

Step two

Choose a quote from top-rated carriers.

Step three

Complete the online application.

Step four

Expect a phone call from Zander Insurance.

Step five

Hold tight while your policy gets underwritten.

Step six

Sign and pay for your policy—and you’re covered!

You can speed up the process by calling our RamseyTrusted partner Zander Insurance: 833.703.2254.

Term Life Basics From Dave Ramsey

In this clip from Financial Peace University (FPU), Dave explains term life insurance in a nutshell.

Financial Peace University

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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

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Ramsey Trusted
Zander Insurance has a Ramsey Trusted star rating of four and one half stars out of five stars.

Zander Insurance Is RamseyTrusted.

That’s right—RamseyTrusted. And it's a big deal. It means that Zander is the only company Dave and the entire Ramsey team recommend for term life insurance. Why? Because Zander has faithfully served our fans for two decades and will do whatever it takes to help you win. They offer the coverage you need and nothing you don’t. Seriously, we’d send our moms to them (and most of us have).