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What Is a 341 Meeting?

Sounds scary, doesn't it? You have been summoned to a 341 meeting with your creditors. Don't sweat it.

You may go into a courtroom with trustee(s) and your lawyer sitting at a table. Creditors will be there to ask the trustee(s) and lawyer questions in an open format. Some jurisdictions do not even meet in a courtroom or courthouse, and in Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings, this may only take a few minutes.

In 98% of the consumer bankruptcy cases, the creditors won't do a thing. You will just sit there. The trustee may ask a question or two, such as, "Will you reaffirm any debt?" You will have already discussed this with your lawyer. There will be no big surprises. It's really boring. Be zero concerned about it.

There is life after bankruptcy. 

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