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Student Loan Payoff Calculator

Pay Off Your Student Loans Faster

“I want to spend most of my life paying off my student loans,” said no one ever.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to live with your student loans for the next 20 years (no matter what your loan servicer says)! You can knock them out faster than you ever thought possible just by using the debt snowball method and doing whatever you can to bump up your monthly payment.

You’d be surprised how much an extra $100 a month will boost your progress. And when you’re throwing any money you can find into your monthly payment, your student loans don’t stand a chance!

See for yourself! Use the Student Loan Payoff Calculator below and find out:

  • Your current payoff date
  • How much faster you can pay off your student loans
  • How much you can save in interest     

Got more debt than just student loans? Use our debt snowball calculator.