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$10 Million Debt Payoff: Sheena’s Story

How often do you check your voicemail thinking, I bet one of these messages is going to absolutely make my day? No one would blame you if your answer is never. After all, voicemail is where we send all those calls from unrecognized phone numbers that end up being random salespeople, or even worse—debt collectors.

But one day in December of last year, Sheena Lewis got a voicemail that did more than make her day. It gave her hope and strengthened her faith during an extremely difficult season in her life.

The call and voicemail was from Tim Newton, senior creative officer at Ramsey Solutions, and was one of thousands of other calls the Ramsey Solutions team made as part of The Great $10 Million Debt Payoff.

“We know that 2020 has been a rough year, and we wanted to do something to make a difference in people’s lives,” Tim explained in his message. “We wanted to take the opportunity to show the love of Jesus Christ by taking on the debt of 8,000 people across the country and completely forgiving it—and you are one of those 8,000 people!

I’m Overwhelmed

Yes—Sheena got the call that so many people daydream about. Ramsey Solutions had bought her $460 medical debt from Huntsville Memorial Hospital and forgave it—no strings attached. She was so excited (and shocked) that she shared the voicemail via Facebook Live.

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“I cannot believe what just happened, and I need witnesses,” she said to kick off the video.

“Dave Ramsey just paid my medical debt from when I miscarried a baby and had to have care and an ultrasound years ago that I could not pay back,” Sheena explained, fighting tears of relief. “When I tell you that God continues to overwhelm me with His unbelievable love and kindness and faithfulness—I am just completely overwhelmed!”

For Sheena, this call was about so much more than the payoff of that $400-plus debt. It was evidence of God’s goodness as she dealt with some big, painful changes in her life.

She said, “This year has not been difficult just because of a global pandemic. This year has brought the end of my marriage and has left me in a place where I have nothing but God to depend on. In the last week, I have endured judgement, bullying and threats from enemies. And here is God showing today that He is greater than all that.”

Hope and Encouragement for Others

The medical debt had been hanging over Sheena’s head for years. And even though it wasn’t a huge amount, it was more than she could pay.

“The prophetic symbolism is so overwhelming,” Sheena said in a follow-up video. “The Lord chose a very real, tangible way in this season of my life (to show) that my debts have been forgiven.

“I want to encourage anyone who is struggling, who is wondering if God is going to make a way—I’m telling you right now, He is going to make a way. You are not condemned. You are not alone in this world.”

Sheena read the letter she received from Ramsey Solutions confirming that her debt had been paid. She also shared that she was reading through Dave’s Total Money Makeover and trusting God to help her make the necessary changes so she can take control of her money.

Pandemics aside, so many people find themselves in Sheena’s shoes. They’re going through a tough time and just need a dose of hope to help them see that life can and will get better. Sheena’s hope may have come in a voicemail, but you can get your dose of hope—and a lot more—from a book or a podcast or with a free trial of Ramsey+. You don’t have to fight your money situation alone!

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