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Are the Sacrifices Worth Being Debt Free? These People Think So

Imagine a life without student loans, credit card balances and car payments. You’d probably feel like flying, right?

Yeah, you’d feel like flying right over to Europe or South America or Lake Tahoe! Because you’d be able to enjoy paid-for vacations you only dreamed about when you were enslaved to debt.

With all your debts behind you, you’d be free to do whatever you wanted. You’d be in charge of your money again—not some bank or creditor. Imagine a future like that!

This has become a reality for millions of families who’ve been through Financial Peace University. In fact, it typically takes a family 18 to 24 months to get out of debt. Then they’re free to truly live!

To inspire you to dream big, we asked families who have gone through Financial Peace University to give us a glimpse of their lives after debt. Read their inspiring stories and get excited about your own debt-free future. It’s yours for the taking!

Hello, Paris

"With our finances freed up, we took our first overseas vacation—visiting Paris for two weeks!" says Dana. "Then we were able to save up and (for the first time ever) pay cash for a 2-year-old car, which allowed us to give our old car to a family in need."

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As if that weren’t cool enough, Dana says paying off $87,000 of debt also allowed her husband to pursue a career he loved.

"Not having the weight of payments freed my husband from having to stay at a job because of the income. Now he’s able to work somewhere more fulfilling—all within just a year of getting out of debt!"

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Home at Last

Jessica and her husband paid off $60,000 by living on way less than they earned. Thanks to their frugal habits, they were able to save up and purchase their first home in the area they wanted!

"After we paid off our cars and student loans, it freed up a ton of money to sock away for a down payment on a house," she says. "We basically lived on my husband’s income and put everything I earned into savings. When we were ready to buy, we had enough saved to put a full 20% down on a house with a 15-year mortgage!"

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Amazing Faith

Rob and his wife paid off $68,000! To celebrate, they took a cross-county road trip to California.

"This past Christmas we drove from Nashville to southern California (and back) and cash-flowed that bad boy! On the way back, the interstate was closed due to weather, forcing us to stay in our hotel an extra night," he says. "Had we been worrying about our finances, we would have had a crisis on our hands. Instead, we enjoyed the time we got to share together watching a Harry Potter marathon on TV!"

While road trips and hotel stays are a nice perk of their new debt-free lifestyle, the couple is even more excited about their increased ability to give.

The couple were able to make a significant pledge towards their church paying off their debt. "The 'significant pledge' equates to 40% of our household annual income. It will require faith, but being in a position to do that is awesome!"

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Your New Debt-Free Reality Can Start Now

It took these families years to rack up their debt, and it took them a year or more to pay it back. But they would all tell you the same thing: The short-term sacrifices they made were totally worth the fun, generous and totally weird lives they lead now.

Stay focused—it’s all worth it.

Join the 4.5 million people who are debt-free and took control of their money! Learn more about Financial Peace University.

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