Frequently Asked Questions

No—SmartDollar is an online, self-paced financial wellness program that’s available to employees anytime, anywhere, and from any device. But while it’s not an app itself, your team will get free access to our three interactive apps so they can learn, budget and track their progress on the go!

$16,200 in debt paid and dollars saved. That’s the average first-year financial turnaround for SmartDollar users. Higher income earners tend to have a larger financial turnaround of $24,333 in debt paid and dollars saved. This type of impact means less money stress in the workplace for your employees—which translates to reduced absenteeism and turnover and improved employee productivity.

We consider a number of factors to determine the cost of SmartDollar specifically for your business. Connect with our team to learn more about what goes into SmartDollar’s financial wellness program pricing.