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EveryDollar Budgeting App by Ramsey Solutions Releases Two New Features to Help With Short- and Long-Term Planning

FEBRUARY 27, 2023

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — EveryDollar, the zero-based budgeting app by Ramsey Solutions, with over 10 million budgeters, has released two new premium features: financial roadmap and paycheck planning. The financial roadmap feature allows budgeters to visualize their long-term goals — from saving their first $1,000 all the way to becoming a millionaire.

Paycheck planning allows users to plan out their expenses based on when they get paid. It also helps eliminate overdraft fees by letting users know when they are at risk of overspending. In 2021, banks in America collected more than $10.7 billion in overdraft fees.1 This feature alone can save EveryDollar users hundreds of dollars a year.

“Creating a budget is the first and sometimes hardest step when taking control of your money,” said co-host of “The Ramsey Show,” Rachel Cruze. “But with the EveryDollar app, not only are you are able to track your expenses daily, but you can also set future financial goals to put your game plan in action.”

Other key updates to the premium version of EveryDollar include:

  • Free group coaching from Ramsey’s in-house certified coaches
  • One-click tracking suggestions for expenses
  • Goal planning to save up for big purchases or semiannual expenses

To try EveryDollar's premium budgeting features and start a free trial at any time, visit

About EveryDollar

From any device, EveryDollar is the free, on-the-go budgeting tool that makes it simple for anyone to take control of their finances, and their future. Since 2015, EveryDollar has helped budgeters create custom monthly budgets using the zero-based budgeting method.

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